Let's McDonalds

Just to clarify: Nobody is paying me to write this blog entry about McDonalds, the number one fast food company in US and probably in the world. 

I think the idea of the company with the branding and franchise just revolutionized the fast food industry, and we should say "chapeau" as our french friends would say. Amazing how popular it is and it is simply everywhere. Everybody know those nice lighting panels in the shops are advertising those nice sandwiches, salads, french fries (alias Freedom fries) sodas, and last but not least those very popular ice creams and pies. Complete meals, beverages, salads, sandwiches and desserts!

And either you admit or not, it is tasty. Yes, I know, you would say it is not, but it is tasty. Do not ask me what is inside, rather watch the movie Supersize Me. However, even though the average american family is the customer of this food chain, I rather prefer to eat and taste something else whenever it is possible. I moved to US  three months ago and I was once in a McDonalds and I payed some 6-7 USD for a BicMac meal with fries and soda. I am not a "McDo" (french) fan, however many of us are. Why?

I think the answer is easy:

1) It is fast food, so you can get it fast, and you don't have to wait a long time for your meal.
2) You can find a McDonalds on each corner of the streets
3) You have a variety of foods which you can buy together or separately.
4) The taste of the food is pretty similar in all those 33,000+ locations worldwide, so there is no surprise!
5) In many places you can have a refill for your soda, which can be a huge advantage, even though everybody knows the quantity of sugar in such beverages is [...].
6) Kids can not resist to those toys in the Happy Meal, hence the parents can not resist too.
7) It is cheap, extremely cheap, compared to other dishes in other restaurants or fast food chains.

So, right now it is up to you to decide! The choice is yours!


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