I think everybody likes good books, movies, stories. This story coming from Norman Maclean is one of my favorite. The original book title is: A River Runs Trough it and Other Stories. It is about a Presbyterian family in the early 20th century in the amazing Montana. They considered above all the fishing, more specially the fly fishing.

It is a simple and nice story about family and life and death. If you have the chance to read that novella do not hesitate a second. It is really nice.

Robert Redford also created a nice movie out of it. And the soundtrack created by Mark Isham is something amazing. Just listen!

Do not get me wrong. I am not trying to attack the Catholic Church but I am more criticizing their attitude toward the child abuses committed by the clergy. Everybody is waiting for this public apology from a high official (even from His Sanctity, Pope Benedict XVI.) but the Church does not want to admit all these crimes. Rather they prefer to keep a low profile and have some private audiences with some [minor] parts of the victims.

I admire Pope John-Paul II. He apologized for the killings and brutalities committed by Christians, mainly Catholics, during the Crusades on the Holy land during the XI-XIII centuries. I hope from all of my hart we should not wait again 800 years to have such a righteous character ...

Recently, a new scandal has made the headlines. The former bishop of Bruges, Belgium admitted to abuse a boy early in his carrier. Of course he resigned and the Pope accepted his resignation but there is nothing else? He can leave just like that? Amazing!

Which is more shocking is the press conference of Archbishop of Belgium who said by accepting the resignation of the former bishop, the Church would "resolutely turn a page on a very painful" topic. I completely disagree with this statement. Unfortunately, I think there will many more lines on that page in the near future. The page has not to be turned yet. One thing is to preach the Truth and another to live the Truth.

However, the Catholic Church should radically change its attitude toward these abuses committed by clerics against innocent children. They desperately need some public apology and some other actions in order to assure them this will never ever happen again.

Ps. Some other resignation came from Ireland and Germany. But who's next?


This morning I just realized the fact that I am offline. Something strange happened in the building. Nothing is working. No hot water, no wireless connection, no private wireless, .... Quite strange but as a researcher I know "The truth is out-there".

Ps. I have my office but still it is not the same issue. Have fun and have a nice weekend!

Most olvasom, hogy a Roman Legfelsobb Vedelmi Tanacs (CSAT) a Parlamentben nyilvanos vitara bocsajtja tobb F16 vadaszgep megvasarlasarol szolo donteset. Leven, hogy az erdekek igencsak nagyok, a sved Grippen is palyazott, de annak ellenere, hogy ok uj gepeket igernek, addig az amerikaiak csak hasznalt gepeket probalnak eladni nekunk, persze hasonlo arban.

Ez a resze nem is erdekel, mert meghalad, de az nevetseges, hogy Romania nem tudja a nyugdijakat es az igereteit kifizetni es kozben miliardokert vadaszgepeket vasarol. Biztosan a nyomort fogjuk a legbol felugyelni, mert mast nem igazan van amit. Mig masok az erdekeiket vedik, addig Romania a nyomorat.

Uzenet haza!

Sajnos olyan szep verset, mint Wass Albert irt nem tudok kiotolni, megis szeretnek uzenni haza es itt most nem szukebb patriamat celzom meg elsokent, hanem Magyarorszagot es annak polgarait. A hetvegen lezajlott valasztasok bizony azt mutattak, hogy Magyaorszagon az emberek rosszul elnek es valtozast akarnak. Barmit szavaztak csak azt nem ami volt, mert az oda juttatta az orszagot ahova. No persze nem kell elfeledkezni a gazdasagi valtsagrol sem, melyet nem egy Magyarorszagnyi orszag fog befolyasolni, de azert felelosoket lehet keresni es sajnos talalni is szammal.

1) Keressunk bunosoket es meg akar buntessuk is meg oket, de ettol az atlag embernek sem jobbb sem szebb nem az elete es hatalmas mennyisegu penz es energia fog erre a "boszorkanyegetesre" elfecserelodni.
3) Ne hatra mutogassunk es kifogasokat keressunk, hogy miert nem lehet haladni. Elore kell nezni es nem vissza es tenni a dolgokat, mintha ma indulna az orszag.
4) Teremtsunk munkahelyeket, mert ma arra nagy szukseg van. Elenkitsuk a gazdasagot.
5) Emeljuk az oktatas szinvonalat!
6) Ne varjunk csodat, mert a csoda nem fog jonni, leghamarabb kozeptavon szamithatunk javulasra de rovid tavon semmi uj nem lesz a nap alatt a magyar gazdasagban.
7) Legyunk es probaljunk meg turelmesek lenni es eselyt adni az ujonnan alakulo Magyar Kormanynak, hogy megtalalja a kiutat ebbol az aldatlan allapotbol!

Just to remember

In 2005 I have visited India for the second time. It was something miraculous. I spent some time in Kolkata as invited researcher at Indian Statistical Institute. I also visited the Taj Mahal, the World 8th miracle, the marble mausoleum built by Shah Jahan the Mughal emperor.

I recall perfectly, it was early in the morning when I have seen the Taj. That was the message I wrote to some friends back in Europe:

"I've just seen The Miracle. The Taj is a gift from God built by Man to echo in the Eternity"

Last week was the biggest event for Christians as we celebrated the Easter, the risen of Christ. However, everybody waited the Urbi and Orbi Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI as it was expected to have some comments of His Holiness about the multiple abuse cases related in the last few months with the implication of the clergy. Unfortunately, there was nothing related to this topic. Quite interesting! They act as nothing would have happened? Is it this normal? Of course, it is Easter and we should celebrate and rejoice but we can not erase something which happened. And there is a huge problem in the Catholic church. Either they accept it or not, all those child abuses are not just just pure fiction but cruel reality.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams commented those abuses committed in Ireland as "an institution [...] loosing all credibility". This is true. There is a huge pressure on the Church and unfortunately they do not want to solve this problem but rather hide it. How to believe those priests anymore? I do not speak about faith. If somebody has this gift, to believe in God, it is the richest person in the world.

Instantly, the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin condemned the comments saying "Those working for renewal in the Catholic church in Ireland did not need this comment on this Easter weekend and do not deserve it". Probably he was right [partially]. Not everybody is involved in these sex scandals but why nobody is talking about those who are? Why the Church wants to hide so much the reality?

Just to increase to authenticity of the title, I will stole a line from Bill Bryson. I come from Marosvasarhely. Someone had to.

I wish you all Happy Easter and I hope you can celebrate the Resurrection with your family members and you can rejoice together.