"During this Christmas season may you be surrounded by the love of family and friends and filled with the spirit of the risen Christ."
-- Alabama Gov. Bob Riley

You know how a Christmas market looks like?! A lot of lights, Christmas trees, presents and of course in the same time a lot of people enjoying the feeling. Quite nice I have to admit. I like it. Of course this has a long tradition in Germany as well as in Austria. The Frenches also have big markets in the Eastern side of the country but we should admit, this is a stolen event from their neighbors, the Germans.

In Transylvania it is very important the Christmas but we do not have this habitual to have so big Christmas markets around the country. For us is much more important the joy and the ceremonial of the birth of the Lord. However, nowadays we try to steal the habits of our western partners but we still have the "real" Christmas feeling and meaning which should be the real purpose of celebration in each Christian family.