I really enjoyed Istanbul and I have nice memories, however, some negative experiences I also collected. First was about my colleague. We just came back from a long conference day, and somehow, probably by "human miracle" a tool of a shoe shiner just appeared in front of us. Like some nice guys we talk to the guy to warn him about the missing tool. He was really "nice" and he offered his services in return. Somehow we ended to pay him 20 Turkish lira. So at the beginning it was for free and and at end he asked for money in an aggressive manner. We have seen him the other day also trying to fool some guys.

The last ugly thing just happened a few minutes ago. From a week each night I am going to a nearby shop to buy some beverages for the night. Each day they charged me 2 lira but today somehow by miracle they charged me 2.5 lira. I told them about the mistake but they claimed right now it is 2.5. I told them this is not how they can fool me, so after some minutes of discussion they realized they stepped with the wrong guy. So we ended up with the old price. Funny, huh? So if they can not fool you, the good old price is charged, but otherwise ...

Ps. In some small shops there are no price tags so they will charge you as much they can. This is really not a nice attitude.


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