FAHR2010 and ICPR2010

I am back in Germany after a week spent in Istanbul, Turkey. I co-organized a workshop in Arabic handwriting recognition with other colleagues from Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Germany. It was a small workshop for interested people. We were surprised to have even a PhD student from Bucharest, Romania. She is interested in the writing Arabic, rather than recognition but it was really nice to see the enthusiasm of the persons from USA, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Romania, India, France, Turkey and of course from France. Even though it was the first workshop in that matter, I consider it quite a success even acknowledged by TC-11. Let's hope we can continue in two years.

The ICPR2010 conference started on Monday and we attended this conference till Thursday. I have seen really nice works and in the mean time I met my old friends from Canada, USA, France, India, Germany, Hungary, Italy and I made some new friends from Saudi Arabia, Turkey. It is really nice to have such scientific gatherings. Even more, I had the chance to speak Hungarian, Romanian, English and French with other colleagues. It is always nice to approach persons speaking their own language.

I was invited to be committee member for the Hungarian conference KEPAF'2011 in Szeged, Hungary. It is really nice to have such invitation in such a prestigious Hungarian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Conference.


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