Indeed, the II World War left some unanswered questions behind and some territories have been annexed to some foreign countries. People have changed their citizenship over the night. Nobody can understand this because none of the western countries encountered such situations. They only decided for some others, mainly eastern European countries like Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. I am just wondering what would do France if Alsace would have stayed with Germany after the war? Interesting question, huh?

However, nobody wants and can change the history but right now being EU members, some countries are trying to fix these problems by according citizenship to their co-nationals living in other countries. This implies the issuing of EU passports for ca. 5M people according to the Daily Express. And definitely, there is a real treat that those new EU citizens will "invade" the western countries like England, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy. However, probably not everybody will go for this option, so it is (probably) more just a nice article and a good excuse for the economical crisis.

Nobody should forget that in such critical times far-right ideologies can easily spread. These countries should consider also this aspect. And there is another one as well. It may happen that their not well founded and grounded decisions after the war is hunting them ... History is paying back the debts? ...


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