Nagyon felhaborito volt a minap az RMDSZ elnokenek a kijelentese, miszerint a Demokrata Liberalis Part kell a kormany atalakitast meggondolja, es a sajat hazi feladatat megcsinalja, hisz a magyar miniszterek munkajaval Marko ur teljes mertekig elegedett. Mikor megkerdeztek, hogy miert, akkor tudatlansagat csillogtatva annyit mondottt, hogy "sokat" csinaltak. Hat annyi bizonyara, hogy gyerekek haltak meg egy szuleszeten. Ez tenyleg sok. Meg egy partvezernek is.

Folyik belolunk a cinizmus es a tudatlansag es a romaniai politika cedajakent tartanak nyilvan, mert barkivel barmikor csak lehessunk miniszterelnok helyettesek es nemi barsonyszek korulotte. Nincs bennunk moralis tartas, felelossegtudat es gerincesseg. Szomoru, hogy a sajat nemzetem (egy resze) ellen kell beszelnem, de remelem, hogy felebrendnek elobb-utobb a szavazok es atlatnak a szitan. Es megtortenhet, hogy sikerul ugy koaliciot epiteni, hogy ne legyen szukseg a magyar szavazatokra. Kivancsi leszek akkor hova tunik majd a cinizmus. De sajnos a butasag majd meg a cinizmuson is tultesz. Szegyelem, hogy ilyen emberek tartjak magukat (jogtalanul) az erdelyi magyarsag vezetoinek. Remelem nem sokaig!

I am back in Germany after a week spent in Istanbul, Turkey. I co-organized a workshop in Arabic handwriting recognition with other colleagues from Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Germany. It was a small workshop for interested people. We were surprised to have even a PhD student from Bucharest, Romania. She is interested in the writing Arabic, rather than recognition but it was really nice to see the enthusiasm of the persons from USA, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Romania, India, France, Turkey and of course from France. Even though it was the first workshop in that matter, I consider it quite a success even acknowledged by TC-11. Let's hope we can continue in two years.

The ICPR2010 conference started on Monday and we attended this conference till Thursday. I have seen really nice works and in the mean time I met my old friends from Canada, USA, France, India, Germany, Hungary, Italy and I made some new friends from Saudi Arabia, Turkey. It is really nice to have such scientific gatherings. Even more, I had the chance to speak Hungarian, Romanian, English and French with other colleagues. It is always nice to approach persons speaking their own language.

I was invited to be committee member for the Hungarian conference KEPAF'2011 in Szeged, Hungary. It is really nice to have such invitation in such a prestigious Hungarian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Conference.

I really enjoyed Istanbul and I have nice memories, however, some negative experiences I also collected. First was about my colleague. We just came back from a long conference day, and somehow, probably by "human miracle" a tool of a shoe shiner just appeared in front of us. Like some nice guys we talk to the guy to warn him about the missing tool. He was really "nice" and he offered his services in return. Somehow we ended to pay him 20 Turkish lira. So at the beginning it was for free and and at end he asked for money in an aggressive manner. We have seen him the other day also trying to fool some guys.

The last ugly thing just happened a few minutes ago. From a week each night I am going to a nearby shop to buy some beverages for the night. Each day they charged me 2 lira but today somehow by miracle they charged me 2.5 lira. I told them about the mistake but they claimed right now it is 2.5. I told them this is not how they can fool me, so after some minutes of discussion they realized they stepped with the wrong guy. So we ended up with the old price. Funny, huh? So if they can not fool you, the good old price is charged, but otherwise ...

Ps. In some small shops there are no price tags so they will charge you as much they can. This is really not a nice attitude.

I haven't been in other cities in Turkey but only just in Istanbul. However, I can tell you Turkey is a modern civilized country at the border of East and West and probably great things may be achieved if they continue the economical growth.

I think the Turkish people should be proud of the legacy of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who turned the country in a modern and prosperous place.

Imagine. Midnight, Istanbul, Turkey. Sitting at the gates of Asia (Bosporus) and having a nice conversation. It was a lifetime experience.

I just landed in Istanbul, Turkey. I am attending the FAHR2010 Workshop organized by some colleagues and myself and the biggest conference in pattern recognition ICPR2010. I have to tell I was amazed by this city. I've never been here before, but this is just simply amazing.

Vibration, life, restaurants, tourists and history at the shore of Phosphorus.

Kedves Cseke Attila miniszter ur, ez a lemondas nem gondolkodas kerdese. Onnek igy kellett volna tiltakozni az ellen, hogy ilyen a rendszer. Ketsegtelen, nem kozvetlenul on a hibas azon a szegeny ujszulottek halalaert, de akkor is, itt gondolkodasnak helye nincs.

A szomoru, hogy mi sem vagyunk jobbak a Deakne vasznanal. Egyszeruen figyelmen kivul hagyjuk ami tortenik, nincs felelossegtudat es egy nem is lesz egyhamar. Igy ne is varjunk semmit. En mar reg nem varok semmit az RMDSZ oldalarol, de ez csak egyre inkabb melyul es szomoruan veszem eszre, hogy mindig a kisebbsegi let moge bujunk, de mi is egyazon ferto resze vagyunk. Sokkal egyszerubb lenne bevallani, hogy ragaszkodunk foggal-korommel a barsonyszekhez.

Moralis tartas? Felelosseg? Mindez ma csak utopia ...

Igen, az vagyok. Kepzelhetik mekkora orom latni, hogy egy volt osztalytarsam (lasd Magyari Zsolt) a gimnaziumban, aki meg kiskoromban is velem tanulta az ABC csinjat-binjat, ma vilagot latott filmes szakember. Legutobbi filmje itt tekintheto meg. Elmeny szamba ment latni egy kozeli ember munkajat a DunaTV csatornan eloben (meg ha valljuk be csak online kozvetites is volt az Internet hullamhosszan). Nagyon buszke vagyok Zsoltra!

Indeed, the II World War left some unanswered questions behind and some territories have been annexed to some foreign countries. People have changed their citizenship over the night. Nobody can understand this because none of the western countries encountered such situations. They only decided for some others, mainly eastern European countries like Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. I am just wondering what would do France if Alsace would have stayed with Germany after the war? Interesting question, huh?

However, nobody wants and can change the history but right now being EU members, some countries are trying to fix these problems by according citizenship to their co-nationals living in other countries. This implies the issuing of EU passports for ca. 5M people according to the Daily Express. And definitely, there is a real treat that those new EU citizens will "invade" the western countries like England, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy. However, probably not everybody will go for this option, so it is (probably) more just a nice article and a good excuse for the economical crisis.

Nobody should forget that in such critical times far-right ideologies can easily spread. These countries should consider also this aspect. And there is another one as well. It may happen that their not well founded and grounded decisions after the war is hunting them ... History is paying back the debts? ...


They realized the wrongdoing. Today after 65 years a high US official (Mr. Jon Ross US ambassador) even though he was just a spectator in the crowd attended the ceremony of the first atomic bomb dropped by US on Hiroshima, Japan. Probably the reconciliation time has come. Definitely, it seems that is was necessary to stop radically the II WW but still nobody should forget about those 70.000 people who died instantly on those minutes nor about those 70.000 who died in the upcoming months.

A couple of years ago back in 2008, I spent some time visiting Hiroshima. I have to tell you it was really sad sitting there and imagining what happened on 6th August 1945. However, it was a lifetime experience.