Yes, this is the Europe I believe in. I just moved recently in Dortmund, Germany and I am glad to see how this multicultural stuff is working. You can find over here student from all over the World. Japan, Korea, Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, China, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia, Senegal, Italy and the list is still endless.

Everybody is bringing its own culture, its own language, customs and all these are right now in an institutional environment given by the Technical University of Dortmund. I do not speak German, however, I can chat with people in English or French and this is quite a nice thing. I did not seen yet Hungarians or Romanians but I think in the next few weeks this will change. I have heard about a girl coming from the same city as I do and she is doing Computer Science. So maybe I am far from home but maybe not so far.

We should encourage this multicultural aspect and let them to emerge! I love it!

All the time I am just thinking... Which is the biggest day in the Christian world? Christmas or Easter? In each of those day something happened, something really important. During Christmas Jesus was born on the earth while on Easter He has been crucified by the Jewish people without knowing He is the Saviour of our lost souls.

It's hard to decide. While Christmas looks like a happier event, the crucifixion is something sad and inhuman. But all these thing were necessary to fulfil the Scripture. We should be sad, we should be happy and we should celebrate the living God. Never forget those words what He said to Martha: "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." (John 11:25)

TU Dortmund

Yes, Dortmund. I just moved in this nice city in the north-west part of Germany a few days ago. I am senior researcher now at TU Dortmund. As I am in a foreign country I was just thinking to write my blog in English. It sounds good to me, so let's do it.

The TU is out of the city and is really a university with its own campus, lots of research institutes and so on. Unfortunately nor in Romania, Hungary and neither in France I haven't seen such a campus. By the way, I live also on the campus or nearby. There are nice little buildings with small apartments in it, where students can live during the academical year. I am renting such a flat myself as well and it is quite a nice neighbourhood. Students doing barbecue, little shops, etc. Cool.

And rabbits. I know right now you are wondering is he crazy? No I am not. The campus has plenty of these little creatures, nobody touch them, so they are just living there and it is funny how they cross the streets in front of the cars. I have seen more than a hundred. Amazing thing.

I am sharing an office with a PhD student and he helped me a lot, you know with these administration issues, like tax card, accounts, etc. He is really a nice guy. I have other colleagues in the group, they are also helping me a lot. Today one them has shown me the down town. Dortmund seems to be not so old as I was thinking, but quite interesting. Several churches, a small part of the city walls and other nice places where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine. And of course the tower (150m high) where you can see the whole area and the surroundings.

There is a mono-rail around the campus. There is no driver it just goes by itself. I am planning to test it soon. Would you like to test it? Just come and we can do it together.