Yes, this is the Europe I believe in. I just moved recently in Dortmund, Germany and I am glad to see how this multicultural stuff is working. You can find over here student from all over the World. Japan, Korea, Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, China, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia, Senegal, Italy and the list is still endless.

Everybody is bringing its own culture, its own language, customs and all these are right now in an institutional environment given by the Technical University of Dortmund. I do not speak German, however, I can chat with people in English or French and this is quite a nice thing. I did not seen yet Hungarians or Romanians but I think in the next few weeks this will change. I have heard about a girl coming from the same city as I do and she is doing Computer Science. So maybe I am far from home but maybe not so far.

We should encourage this multicultural aspect and let them to emerge! I love it!


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