The country is thorn apart. Either you are pro president Trump or against him and pretty much that's it. No other option is available [...], or you just stay away from politics -most probably the best option! 

We read different newspapers, we watch different TV news and we think we are right, and "the others" are not. We created enemies from our best friends just because they have a different understanding/opinion about some issues.

It is pretty obvious that the red voters are from rural areas of the country and they are less educated, while the blue ones comes from big cities, are educated and they are proud of being PC to extremes. Damn liberals! Stupid rednecks!

Even though they don't like each other they have something in common: they are all americans. And they all have to abide the same law. There is no [separate] law for reds and blues. We are all entitled to have our opinion about the current president, but we should not forget to respect the opinion of our peers. That is democracy! And this applies to you, me and everybody. We are on the land of the free and home of the brave.

It is so pathetic to see, how we publish an image, a video, etc to support our ideology, and we do not realize that for each video or photo an counter video/image will be created giving the impression that there are two different worlds with two different realities. Folks, I have to tell you that we all are wrong. The reality is one -like it or not. And no picture or video will change that. Not even Fox News or CNN. Both stations are just channeling the information in a way which they are payed for. Independent media? Utopia. 

However, what can we do? We can spend time, resources, energy, etc.  to be educated. It is the greatest gift what a human can get. Over the centuries the societies evolved because people become more and more educated, exchanging beliefs for pure knowledge and science. Science can not be interpreted as red or blue. It is just science and facts. The more educated we become, the less room is left for manipulation from one side or another.

Rather than spending energy finding support for our leftist or rightist ideology, throwing all kind of things to each other, calling names, etc, we should focus rather our energy on providing a free education for everybody who is interested in facts rather than interpretations. Once people become educated the manipulation stops. Let's be educated!