Az enyemet. Mar egy jo ideje probalok elvonatkoztatni ami otthon, Magyarorszagon tortenik es mindezt ugy megelni, hogy "mindenki azt kapja amit erdemel". Szegeny magyar honfitarsaim nem igazan ezt remeltek, de ezt szavaztak, most meg kapjak nagykanallal Orban mestertol az illiberalizmus keseru leveset. Mert keseru. "Nem kicsit, nagyon!" - csak, hogy magyar politikai szakzsargonnal eljunk. 

Mikor a sokak a FIDESZ pecsetet utottek, nem gondoltak arra, hogy Lorinc felvasarolja majd Magyarorszagot az adofizetok penzen, Orban kivezeti Magyarorszagot az Europai Uniobol, sem, hogy zsidozni kezdunk Demeter Szilard [al]poetaval (szegyenlem is magam az ebadtaert, mert erdelyi akar csak jomagam), sem hogy Tiborcz lesz az egyik "legsikeresebb" uzletember(?) a magyar ugaron, netan, hogy Borkai szex numerajat kell majd vegigcsamcsogjuk, Habony fura pislogasait furkesznunk Ibiza-n, vagy Kaleta beteges hajlamait (lasd gyermek pornografia) talalgassuk, mert eppen titkositottak az ugyet, stb. Es most itt a legujabb FIDESZ numera kiraly, a nap hose: Szajer Jozsef. Nesze neked kereszteny ertekek, csalad es haza. O es a hozza hasonloak ma a FIDESZ erkolcsi bastyai. Hmm. Erdekes.

Felreertes ne essek. Nem erdekelnek a [bukott] kepviselo szexualis vonzodasai, ez mindenkinek a maganugye. De egy illegalis orgian reszt venni, onnan meg az ereszen menekulni es a hatizsakbol erokerult tudat modositora azt mondani, hogy nem tudja hogyan kerult oda, es a mentelmi joggal is eloallni, -hat ez mar nekem is sok volt. 

Szerintem tul sok 007 filmet latott Szajer ur es gondolta, o is szokesre veszi a figurat, hiszen nehez lesz majd kimagyarazni mindezt (lasd illegalis 25 fos magan rendezveny, orgia, tudatmodosito szerek, stb.) az erkolcstant szonoklo FIDESZ muftik elott. De hat belebukott az ostoba frater, es most nem hogy Magyarorszag, de a vilag is rola cikkezik, ezzel is csorbitva Magyarorszag es Orban atyank mar eddig is nagyon megtepazott munderjat. Es Orban meg aranybullaba ulteti, hogy mibol all a csalad? [...] 

Remelem Miniszterelnok ur nem Szajer urtol,-az eresz csatorna es a "hazibuli" hosetol, kert tanacsot mikor az alaptorvenyt modositotta!? Ha jol ertelmezem, akkor szegeny Szajer ur nem kap helyet a mai magyar csalad modelben. Elnok ur, ennyire kitolni egy bajtarssal? Nem szep dolog! Szajer urnak helye van az uj aranybullaban. Elokelo helye!

Education, among other businesses struggling during the pandemic  is also under threat. It is unfortunate to see how young generations of students are restrained at home and the education what they are [currently] getting is limited or in many cases even just non-existent. Schools deserted, universities deserted, campus grounds empty. This is today's reality. Apocalyptic. 

Each society puts its faith in these young generations to create something better, something new, something different. However, the education of these new pillars is vital. We have to educate them so that they can educate us later. This is the cycle. It always was. And now the cycle is broken. 

You can see the how politicians, education experts, school districts presidents, education secretaries, university presidents worldwide are changing their statements on daily basis according to the new developments of the virus, but students and parents they just care when they can be back on track and kids can resume school again. In all honesty, it is sad to see how chaotic the whole system is and due to complete lack of leadership at every level you just feel that nobody cares and nobody knows the answers.  Everybody is just concerned about the position and liability. Nothing else matters.  

In Europe some countries decided to shut the whole operation down for this academic year. No more school at this point, while other countries they mimic some type of education via online tools, but the quality is questionable at best. Universities usually they provide some type of online education, but changing the whole f2f system to online over the weekend is taking a heavy toll on quality, on educators and on students alike.  

THE question is: what about Fall? Summer break is our ally, --it will give us some time to think, but September is approaching fast and soon universities they have to decide: to be or not to be [open]. Financially speaking going online it would be a death warrant for many institutions as housing, dining and other campus activities can bring considerable amount of money  beside the tuition, but if they prefer to focus more on students, educators and staff's wellbeing and safety the revenue will diminish. Considerably. People will loose their jobs. This is the cruel reality but at least to some extent we can guarantee certain level of safety and protection.

The other option preferable  for thousands of reasons by the decision makers is to wide open the doors and welcome back the students in Fall 2020. Perfect! Students would be happy as they will get back the student life for what they were craving so hard for so many years. Parents would be happy as they can see that their kids education is going back to normal. Educators will be happy as they will get back to the same old same old f2f education and get heir full salary. Decision makers will be happy as they can keep their comfortable seats, bonuses and they can eventually hope for another reelection. Happy ending.

However, let us paint a darker scenario. Somebody on a university campus will be infected, -and the chances are rather high for such thing to happen. It can be a student, it can be a professor and it can be a staff. Everybody. Who is going to be responsible? [...] What will happen if such type of lawsuits will hit the universities? Who is going to pay the bill? Money is one issue, but who is going to take the moral blame for somebody's life? Are you? [...]

Who is going to convince the students and parents that the university environment is safe? Same thing with a professors and staff. Usually classes are happening with 30-50 students plus the instructor. Social distancing is just impracticable in such locations. Would that be safe? Really?

Can you imagine how many students a secretary or a professor can see in a single day? Who is going to guarantee their personal safety? Students roam around campus all the time  and can be asymptomatic virus carriers. Looking the data the virus is more deadly on older population. Professors, staff and other university personnel belong to this rather endangered age groups. Are they safe? Can we force them to go back and pretend that everything is all right? I highly doubt it.
What is going to happen if a professor, a secretary, an adviser is refusing to have direct contact with a student because they fear for their lives? Is anybody thinking about these aspects?

I understand the narrative to try to calm people and send a hopeful message to students, parents and university personnel, but let's not confuse the myth with reality.     

Zoom is nowadays THE software. Everybody can claim otherwise, but the facts are just simply facts.

None of the other solutions (Teams, Skype [for Business], Hangouts, Blackboard Ultra, WebEx, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.) provided as possible alternatives by other companies can level up with Zoom. Professional companies, school districts, governments, state agencies, universities, individuals they used it on daily basis and it is working. No complaints, -except the zoom bombing which is solved by now by the usage of a password and the waiting room, and if the bandwidth is holding up is and you posses a desktop, laptop, smart phone or a tablet you are good to go.

I imagine after this pandemic is over(?) there will be a new entry in the English dictionary: to zoom (inf. zooming). A few years back the verb to google was introduced, so I do not see an impediment to let a new word be among the most used one beside googling. The language evolves either we like it or not.

We have the pandemic (see COVID-19), and we have the tool to educate students. What is the problem? -some could ask. There are many problems but nobody wants to acknowledge them because everybody is in survival mode and admitting any kind of fault can be fatal. So you see and hear this message over all the channels that "online education is so cool, good and awesome". No it is not, but everybody is afraid to admit it. 

I am talking to educators in different countries all over the world and the same problems, concerns emerge from each of them but nobody is listening. Everybody is  praising the "heroic work" of educators who had to switch from one day to another to a completely new style of teaching, but these are just meaningless empty words. The more they say it the more they become empty. I feel petty when I am hearing this kind of discourse over and over from statesmen, politicians, education secretaries, etc. 

It is obvious that educators can not change in such a short period of time and deliver the same content using a device with a camera and mic. It is just not possible. And let's not forget that many of these educators they are completely against this type of education and they have a good reason. Once we will return to the normal f2f style lectures we will see the huge gaps in the students knowledge because of this highly praised education style. 

This online education might be good for a very narrow niche of students who i) can not afford structured education, ii) they work and they do not have the time for it, and iii) they are interested in one particular topic without considering the bigger picture. Everybody else like i) students who want a comprehensive education, ii) students who value the social interaction of the education and iii) students who can afford education they do not want this type of online education. [I do not agree with iii) but I am sure you will call me communist and/or socialist if I would state that education and healthcare should be a fundamental human right and it belongs to everybody without distinguishing among people based on race, gender and social-economic background. Unfortunately, it sounds as utopia in these money driven societies, however there are some working models in the world such as Germany, France and many other EU countries just to name a few.]

However, for some reason nobody is asking the students what they want. They are considered as bystanders in the process and some higher authorities they just force them to be part of this new way of delivering knowledge like it or not. Of course, we can not do a referendum to see what everybody wants now and to adapt to everybody's need, but somehow we should find a common ground to be able to deliver the knowledge to this young generation but also making sure that the path is the right one or at least the most efficient one.

There are many technical difficulties. People they do not have the right devices, they do not have broadband Internet access (this is happening in 2020!), or they are just not educated to operate these devices and technologies. However, we spend money to go to the moon or create stelar armies, etc.  Hmm ...., interesting and weird to see how a so-called "modern society" focus its interest in building a better future, a better world. 

Let's be optimistic! Suppose that we have the technical support to deliver and to receive those lectures. Beside the technical mambo-jambo we have two key players in this same equation: the student(s) and the educator.  As we "do not care about the students" let us leave them at the end of the food chain "where they belong". 

How about the educator? She/he might be not familiar with the technology which means that they will struggle just to start a Zoom meeting or some other meeting. The lecture might not be in a format which can be delivered just by telling nice stories about it and it can not be brought to the students on a slide or another. Let's think for a minute how you explain a chemistry student how to synthesize a compound  without showing it in the lab. Good luck with that! Cool, huh? 

You have to have interactions with the students but they hide behind their cameras because they feel uncomfortable so the lecture might become a monologue and can bring a lot of frustrations on both sides. The key element of education: the interaction is missing completely or minimized to an extent which will have considerable side effects in the future. Instead of concentrating on the lectures the educator right now has to concentrate on the technology (software, Internet), the mic, the camera, the cameras of others, the chat, the waiting room, the shared screen and the lack of interaction. And let us imagine that on top of this we are teaching our students how a convolusional neural network is converging and why. [...] Good luck professor! You have 50 minutes to do so! But we educators are "heroes"! We do not care, we just want to deliver all the lectures as it would be in a f2f setup no matter  if this is just not possible due to the nature of the situation. 

I almost forgot! Some educators they do not even have interactions with the students! They just send them dry material copied from a book and eventually they might respond to some questions via e-mail. This "delivery method" might(?) function at universities but definitely it is useless at K-12 level education. 

How about the students? They are the focus here because the whole education process is happening for their benefit but as mentioned previously, nobody cares about them. They are treated as soldiers whom should follow orders. Come to lecture, Zoom in, follow the uninteresting slides of the professors (if they have some), read all the material which are passed so easy by the educators to them and the huge burden which they carry as they have to understand all the material mainly on their own. Can you image to learn computer programming in a language such as C/C++/Java by yourself, do Gauss elimination just by reading a formal definition in a Math book, prove that a given problem is NP complete or how to transform it into one?

Cruel thing! And for many students it is just frustrating and very difficult. Do we care? No, we don't! We just send them even more materials via an e-mail attachment which costs us one minute but it might cost a week or more the student to go trough that material.

Result? Angry, frustrated students who will give up eventually because beside their completely chaotic daily routine driven by the pandemic they do not manage to see all the connections, tricks etc. among the multitude of topics which we educators are throwing on them. Are we helping them trough these difficulties? Some of us might care and do whatever is necessary to help, but many of us we just simply do not. 

Is this the recipe of the successful education? [...]

Marquez put his characters in the time of the cholera, right now we are living in the time of COVID-19.  The virus is one thing, but the fear, the uncertainty, the unknown, the rising number of fatalities all around the world is creating panic everywhere. It is scary but still, life is going on.  Even  though some of us would like to freeze the time this is just not possible. As the horrors from WWII engraved in our parents and grand parents memory, we'll have to live with this pandemic the rest of our lives. Sad.

Education.  While people are infected and dying and we just acknowledge the numbers, we have to make sure that the next generation of intellectuals are educated properly no matter what. We can not have f2f meetings, schools are closed and restrictions are in place everywhere all over the world, however, we educators are trying our best. Not all of us, but at least some of us. And students need us more than ever. Not just really to teach them how to add two numbers, but also to keep them busy and assure them that their intellectual skills will be at the highest level once they go look for a job on a market which most probably will considerably shrink in the upcoming months. 

Zoom. Most of us never heard this name before and over the night it became a new entry in our vocabulary. Zoom good, zoom bad, zoom amazing, zoom free, zoom bombing, etc. A video chat tool which was used by 10 million people just became the toy and daily working tool of some 200 million users worldwide. Impressive. Teams or Skype just simply suck. Sorry Microsoft. Same with Google Hangouts. I am not blaming them, their business focus is somewhere else but "we the people" just voted: Zoom.

Like any other tool, Zoom is a video chat application which can host hundreds of people and compared to other solutions it is just working. Yes, it does. Actually it is flawless compared to other solutions which companies or educational institutions are offering nowadays. I've heard and seen many halfway integrations lately but things done in a hurry lead to unstable, not reliable often crashing and useless solutions. [Remark: Open a software engineering book and you will see the reasons.]

For students it is very important to have an intuitive, easy to use tool which can give them access to classes, to professors, to fellow students and in general they need some way to interact. Interaction is the soul of education though some administrators/educators think differently. Unfortunately, each faculty is using a different tool which can create confusion among the students. However, you can not force the hand of the faculty either. Some of us we barely manage to use a computer not to mention some sophisticated tool with authentication, settings on some obscure pages, etc. We are just not there yet. Sorry, we are old school.

Online education. Yet another enigma. It is surrounding us for years but we all know the quality is ... Of course there is a niche for such type of education, but my opinion is that online is just not how you  can transfer good quality knowledge. If it would be, there would be no more universities and schools. However, they are still there. Are they not?

Online educators. Hmm. Wow. Can you imagine that somebody is teaching/educating all her/his career in a classroom f2f with the students and now over the weekend it should change to online. The Hungarian PM switched the whole education in a weekend to online stating "we solved the education problem". No. He didn't! Not at all. Same with universities. You can not ask somebody to make such a huge paradigm shift over the night. And please do not come with "good tips for online education" type of links. A teacher is learning trough the whole career to be a good educator, so some links and videos are not helping. No, they do not help! Those who are sending those links they usually do not have a clue what education means and what is to have interaction with students. The more links they send the more is showing their complete lack of knowledge, but usually it is the only thing they can do.

Online interaction. Very hard to get to the students via a chat software. First, students they do not want to show themselves over the camera and they switch off their mic too, so it is pretty much radio silence over all the courses and the interaction is minimalistic. How somebody should judge if a concept was perceived or not if there is no eye contact, no body language to observe, etc. Even if you can see your students trough the cameras no way to pay attention to the lecture and to each camera separately. Impossible. And of course your speech, the slides if any, the cameras, the voices and the chat discussions. It is just too much. 

Quality. I am seeing educators all over the world talking about the quality, more precisely about the lack of quality in this teaching scenario. Some classes can be taught online, no doubt about that, but some classes are just not meant to be taught that way. On top of that many of us we re just not prepared for such type of classes, many of us do not even believe in the efficiency of such classes, so the verdict is obvious.

Students. We talk about everything but nobody asked the students what they want, how they handle the situation and if they consider this "online education" appropriate. They are pretty much spectators in this game, without much to say and nobody is listening to them. Are they happy when some professor is just sending them some slides with some dry concepts on it? No, they are not but nobody cares. Educational officials they give sound speeches, write articles how great they did, but nobody is mentioning that in US 20+% of students do not have broadband Internet access. How those poor souls are they going to access those "great materials". They do not have computers, they do not have software, etc. Nobody is thinking about those students. Are they not important? Unfortunately it does not look like that they do matter. So, instead of all these empty speeches those in charge should think  more about those students and give them equal opportunities. 

At the end of the day, we have to realize that online education is just not the solution, but currently is the only possibility to reach out to students and to try to some extent to transfer some knowledge. We were not prepared for such a switch and the negative reverberations will be seen soon. As a transitionary solution it can be accepted, but a lot of time and effort is needed from students and educators to find that solution which works for both parties. Nobody is wining here! The students will not receive the education they need and the educators will be frustrated. 

I hope soon all educators and students can return to the classrooms to restart the real education, but till then we are just innocent bystanders in a show for which we did not paid a ticket.

It is winter back home in Ellensburg, WA. It should be. It is the perfect time for it -- it's December. However, this year I decided to visit some friends Down Under, where is summer. I mean 29C.  Real summer with sun, the ocean, the flowers --the whole package. 

But these open minded Aussies use other currency than the good old greens. It is good, because I imagine they have the queen all over the bills, but definitely a drawback for me, because I needed some of their currency to buy some things when necessary. One would think I should have used my credit card and the problem is solved. I did and it worked. Easy, painless and working solution. 

However, I was thinking that I still need some cash money but I was wrong. Everywhere you can pay with credit card. Everywhere. And I did. To travel to the city I am using the metro line -do not ask me which one because I don't know and I do not even need to buy a ticket, just use my phone to pay for the ride. I am impressed. In return in America we barely have touchless payments.  It is kind of a paradox knowing that America is the center of the technical innovations these days. Probably these Aussies do better because of the weather, or the kangaroos or just because they eat too much vegemite.   

Tuntetes. A jogallam egyik alappillere a szabad velemeny nyilvanitas. Az ujdonsult demokraciaban amiben elunk egyre inkabb alkalmazzuk mi is itt Romaniaban. Bravo! 30 evnek kellett eltelnie, de lassan-lassan mi is megtanuljuk. Igaz, hogy meg 50 evvel le vagyunk maradva a nyugati demokraciaktol, de hat ok is megtanultak mindezt, igaz a franciak meg a forradalomkor (lasd 1789-1799), mig az angolok amikor megirtak a Magna Carta-t (lasd 1215), de sebaj, majd csak a roman demokracia is revbe jut, csak legyen turelmunk kivarni. Sokunknak nem volt turelme, es ... hatrahagytak a csaladot, a szulofoldet, az iskolakat es az emlekeket, es mas foldeken keresik az elveszett igazsagukat. 

Forrong a nep, forrong az orszag. Fura torvenyek latnak napvilagot, es az emberek egyre okosabbak es okosabbak es egyre nehezebb megvezetni oket. No persze minket erdelyi magyarokat meg mindig lehet szediteni egy ujabb utcanevvel, netan egy iskola nevvel, de ha mar joleti tarsadalmat nem tudnak az eloljaroink garantalni nekunk, valamivel csak kell buzditsanak. Nalunk egy utcanev, mig a roman honfitarsaknal az olaj, cukor, "mici si bere" combo a nyero. De a politikusok jol teszik. Mindig csak azt lehet szediteni, aki akar szedulni. Mi magyarok is itt Erdely kies tajain szedulni akaruk, es hinni akarunk valamiben ami nem is volt es nem is lesz. No de "a remeny hal meg utoljara".

Kovetve az esemenyeket, latni, hogy jobb es baloldal egymasnak feszulve probal toket kovacsolni a tuntetesekbol, es mindketto a masikat teszi felelosse a penteki (lasd augusztus 9, 2018). Az teny es valo, hogy eroszakot alkalmaztak a karhatalmi szervek, illetve not utlegelni, mert eppen rendori feladatokat lat el, ...., azt mutatja, hogy meg mindig csak szivoszallal esszuk mi itt a demokraciat a balkanon, de hat el kell tudnunk fogadni, hogy balkalni nepek vagyunk, es meg sok ideig nem is all szandekunkban ezen valtoztatni.

Kerdik az embereket, hogy miert mennek tuntetni? Es a valaszok nagyresze a kormanyvaltas korul forog, de mast senki sem javasol. Igy van egy Orban kiraly orszagaban is. Lorincz atyank megveszi kilora az orszagot, a korhazak olyanok amilyenek, az oktatas siralmas, de senki nem javasol alternativat. Es igy marad a regnalas, mig tan befagy a Duna es nagyerdemut megkoronazzak, mert hat egyeb utat nem igazan latni mar. Es a felkent kiralyokat eletuk vegeig megillet a tron es a korona.

En erre a kerdesre ugy felelnek, hogy azert tuntetek, mert szegyelem magam. Szegyelem magam, mert olyan elnok ul az orszag elen, aki jogtalanul jutott hozza ertekes lakasokhoz Szebenben, olyan miniszterelnok vezeti az orszagot aki nem tudja Europaban, hogy eppen hol van, olyan partelnoke van a kormanyzo partnak akit mar eliteltek, olyan miniszterei vannak az orszagnak akik diplomat es doktori cimet vasaroltak piacon, stb. En ezert tuntetnek, hogy ezek az emberek ne legyenek tobbe az orszag elen, mert ezek ram is es az orszagra is csak szegyent hoznak. 

De engem nem kerdez senki, az en velemenyem csak egy a sok kozul, es igy inkabb megtartom magamnak. De szegyelni azt szegyelem magam.   

The country is thorn apart. Either you are pro president Trump or against him and pretty much that's it. No other option is available [...], or you just stay away from politics -most probably the best option! 

We read different newspapers, we watch different TV news and we think we are right, and "the others" are not. We created enemies from our best friends just because they have a different understanding/opinion about some issues.

It is pretty obvious that the red voters are from rural areas of the country and they are less educated, while the blue ones comes from big cities, are educated and they are proud of being PC to extremes. Damn liberals! Stupid rednecks!

Even though they don't like each other they have something in common: they are all americans. And they all have to abide the same law. There is no [separate] law for reds and blues. We are all entitled to have our opinion about the current president, but we should not forget to respect the opinion of our peers. That is democracy! And this applies to you, me and everybody. We are on the land of the free and home of the brave.

It is so pathetic to see, how we publish an image, a video, etc to support our ideology, and we do not realize that for each video or photo an counter video/image will be created giving the impression that there are two different worlds with two different realities. Folks, I have to tell you that we all are wrong. The reality is one -like it or not. And no picture or video will change that. Not even Fox News or CNN. Both stations are just channeling the information in a way which they are payed for. Independent media? Utopia. 

However, what can we do? We can spend time, resources, energy, etc.  to be educated. It is the greatest gift what a human can get. Over the centuries the societies evolved because people become more and more educated, exchanging beliefs for pure knowledge and science. Science can not be interpreted as red or blue. It is just science and facts. The more educated we become, the less room is left for manipulation from one side or another.

Rather than spending energy finding support for our leftist or rightist ideology, throwing all kind of things to each other, calling names, etc, we should focus rather our energy on providing a free education for everybody who is interested in facts rather than interpretations. Once people become educated the manipulation stops. Let's be educated!     

Manapsag a digitalis terben folyik egy "harc". Espedig azok kozott akik otthon maradtak es akik elvandoroltak. Hasonlo narrativa vezerli a mediat Magyaroszagon is, ez is azt mutatva, hogy magyarok vagyunk, legyen az Erdelyben vagy eppen Magyarorszagon. De gondolom ervenyes ez mas nemzetekre is Dunan innen es tul.

Van akinek tetszik a rendszer es van akinek nem! Leven, hogy ma erre lehetoseguk van, sokan megosztjak a velemenyuket es mindezt megtehetik, mert a szocialis media erre lehetoseget biztosit. A demokracia egyik alapelve alapjan, a szabad velemeny nyilvanitas alap jog, de masok ugy gondoljak, hogy azok akik elmentek az orszagbol, azoknak nem jar mar ez a jog, hisz ok elhagytak az orszagot, valahol magara hagyva azt, es ezaltal jogot vesztve a velemeny nyilvanitas fellett is. Erzelmileg lehet valami alapja, de jogilag es logikusan semmi.  

Valahogy kialakult az emberekben, hogy aki otthon maradtak azok "hosok", akik helyt alltak, es szenvedtek, akik vallaltak a kisebbsegi sorsot (lasd Erdely), mig masok akik elvandoroltak azok "szokevenyek", akik inkabb valasztottak a joletet, es valahol "eladtak a nemzetet" nemi ezustert csereben. Az otthon maradtak vallaltak a mostohabb sorsot, de ugyanakkor sokuk belesullyedett a tehetetlensegbe, a nincstelensegbe, a nelkulozesbe es sok esetben a megalkuvasba, mert ez az ami lehetoseget biztosit[ott] sokszor a tulelesre. 

Es vannak azok akik elvandoroltak, foleg nyugatra, a kvazi joletbe, es sok esetben igazi demokraciakban elve, akik "okoskodnak" onnan tavolrol, de nem maradtak otthon. Azok akik maradtak probaljak eletben tartani a kozosseget, probaljak jobba tenni azt, csak azt nem latjak, hogy a sajatos helyzetuk miatt nagyon szuk keresztmeszeten keresztul szemlelik a vilagot. A kulfoldon elok igaz, hogy nem elnek otthon, es nincsenek napi szinten implikalva, de teljesen mas szemszogbol latjak mindezt. Sok esetben ellenkeznek azokkal akik otthon maradtak. A velemenyukert nem jar fenyitas, nem fogjak kidobni oket a munkahelyukrol, nem fogjak tarsadalmilag kirekeszteni oket, nem fogjak megszolni oket az utcan ha eppen az aktualis hatalmat biraljak, nem szarmazik belole anyagi karuk (lasd ha eppen a hatalmon levok nem osztanak tobb munkat neked), stb, es ezert is mernek sokkal kritikusabb velemenyt megfogalmazni. 

Sajnos sok esetben ezzel otthon sokan vannak igy, ez ezert nem is biraljak az eloljarokat (lasd pl. RMDSZ).  Sokukat felemelt, es nem foltetlenul azert, mert a megfelelo szakemberek voltak, hanem azert, mert eppen valakinek voltak az emberei (lasd pl. taskahordo), es ezek az emberek mindig lojalisak lesznek, mert nelkuluk sosem jutottak volna elore. Es sajnos ma otthon nem foltetlenul az az elsodleges kiriterium, hogy jo szakember legyel, hanem sokkal inkabb, hogy "magyar legyel", amolyan igazi RMDSZ megszallott, es akkor van eselyed. Peldanak okaert emlitenem, hogy ma Erdelyben nem lehet magyar iskola igazgato valaki aki nem rendelkezik az RMDSZ-tol pecsetes papirral, hogy "o jo ember". Es sok esetben mashol is azert kerul valaki pozicioba, mert magyar nem azert mert jo szakember (lasd pl. marosvasarhelyi repter esetet, ahol ma egy jogasz az igazgato, akinek semmilyen mernoki tapasztalata nincs, de ketsegtelen vannak nagyon befolyasos ismerosei. Es egy idegen legitarsasag (lasd Wizzair) kellett megmondja, hogy a leszallopalya nem megfelelo! [...]).

Ez szerencsere kulfoldon nem igy megy, habar egyik orszag sem "tiszta", de egyre tobben adnak a szakemberre es kevesbe az ismeretsegre. Es ezt a kulfoldon elok el is mondjak, es ez bizony nem tetszik az otthoniaknak, akik [sajna] megelegednek azzal, hogy "de legalabb magyar" mintsem azzal, hogy egy jo szakember. Es ettol a roman-magyar narrativatol sehogy nem akarunk szabadulni. Marosvasarhelyen minden csak roman vagy magyar es semmi mas nem szamit. Ha valamit nem lehet megoldani akkor az a romanok nem engedik, es forditva. Valahogy eltelt annyi ev, es nem valtozik semmi. Csak feher vagy fekete es ennyi. Tudom, hogy fontos, hisz mi magyarok egyre fogyunk a Karpat-medenceben, de nem ez az ellentet fogja megoldani a helyzetunket, es nem ez fogja biztositani a megmaradasunkat oseink foldjen. 

De az RMDSZ egyfolytaban ezt a temat lovagolja, es fura modon a sok eves hazugsag es kudarc ellenere, az emberek ujra es ujra oket valasztjak, es eredmeny semmi, habar ahogy ok fogalmaznak "de legalabb magyar". Es ez kulfoldrol nagyon latszik, es nemtetszest valt ki az emberekben. Kell es fontos az egyseges magyar erdekkepviselet, de nem ebben a formaban amit ma az RMDSZ kepvisel, mert nehany utca neven, es nehany iskola neven kivul sok hasznukat nem lattuk. Lehet kisse feluletes az allitas, van az RMDSZ-nek erdeme, de nagyon keves es gerinctelensegbol jelesek! Ok a "kis lepesek politikajanak hivjak, de valojaban undorito amit muvelnek elen a poeta elnokukkel. No persze azert kozben az eloljarok tettek arrol, hogy jol meggazdagodjanak(lasd pl. egyes szenatorok az allammal uzletelnek), mikozben hagytak kiverezni a honfitarsaikat es biztatni oket, hogy "kell harcolni es kell turni", mert ez a kisebbsegi sors. Nos hat sokan nem igy akarnak elni! Joletben szeretnenek lenni, csaladot nevelni es gyerekeket iskolaba jaratni, de ezt sajnos ma es a multban sem az RMDSZ nem volt kepes megvalositani, es a sok beszeden kivul nem kapunk semmit cserebe a szavazatainkert. 

De kozben folyamatosan tamadjak az otthoniak a kulfoldon eloket, ahelyett, hogy atlassak, hogy azert mert kulfodon elnek nem az jelenti, hogy nem erdekli oket, hogy mi tortenik otthon, sot meg jobban erdekli oket, es segiteni akarnak, azaltal, hogy mas szemszogbol kozelitik meg a problemat. Biraljak azokat akik megerdemlik, mert ha csak a jolet erdekelne oket, akkor hatra sem neznenek tobbe, de sokakat erdekel, es foglalkoztatja oket. Nem ocsarolni kellene oket hanem kozosen megoldasokat keresni azokra a problemakra amire az RMDSZ annyi ev alatt nem tudott.  Csak kozosen tudunk akaratunknak ervenyt szerezni. Mindenkire szukseg van. Mindenkinek a velemenye szamit. A tied is, az enyem is, es a mindenkie. Ne gyuloletet keltsunk egymas irant, hanem tiszteletet, megbecsulest, es megertest. 

Mea culpa

Nehez bevallani mikor az ember teved, de most tevedtem! "Nem kicsit, nagyon!" -csak, hogy szocialista vezetot idezzunk (lasd Gy. F.), ha mar szocialista vezetes ala kerul(t) az orszag is. Es minderrol az UDMR meg papirt is irt ala az urakkal (lasd PSD, ALDE), hogy szentesitse azt. De ezeknek mindegy, hogy szocialista vagy liberalis csak legyen plecsni es pozicio, es maris irjak a nevuket barhova. Most irnak ok, de a francnak sem kellenek, -de legalabb majd lesz jo kifogas, hogy mar megint miert nem csinalnak semmit az elkovetkezendo ciklusban. Vass doktor is fellelegezhet, hogy nem kell szamot adjon az esetleges be nem teljesitett igereteirol. O is majd a "lelkiismeretere bizza", ahogy tettek nagy elodei. Es nem valtozik semmi.

De most szanom-banom a bunomet, hogy mertem kerni, hogy a tanacsi penzt ne csak a kosarlabdanak, a football-nak es ... adjak, hanem adjanak a vizilabdanak, az uszasnak, az atletikanak, a cselgancsnak, a birkozasnak, a jegkorongnak, es meg nehany sportagnak, mert azert eleg szep eredmenyek szulettek ott is, de rajottem, hogy tevedtem. Lattam az elmult napokban ket kosarlabda merkozest, es oromomre szolgalt, hogy a hazai bajnoksagban jol szerepelt a BC Mures, de a Fiba Euro Cup kereten belul rendezett nemzetkozi merkozesen igencsak alul maradtunk - "nem kicsit, nagyon". A torok Gaziantep csapata lecket mutatott a marosvasarhelyieknek, es az az erzesem, hogy ha Santa nem lett volna jo formaba, akkor a zako is nagyobb lett volna. No persze ez egy laikus velemenye, sokat nem er!

De az ilyen vereseg elkerulese vegett, szerintem minden allami penzt at kell(ene) csoportositani a kosarlabdara, hagyni kell veszni minden mas sportagat, es ha megemeljuk a vezetoseg beret, akkor rogvest jol teljesit a csapat is, mert hat nem szep dolog, hogy a legnagyobb allami tamogatast kapjak, es ilyen csufosan kikapjanak, nem de? Meg kell emelni a jatekosok beret, a vezetoseg beret, es akkor majd lesz eredmeny is. Igy a normalis. Mas sportagakban hazai anyaggal dolgoznak a csapatok, van eredmeny is, es meg penzt sem kapnak. Ha megy ez nekik anyagi tamogatas nelkul, akkor miert adjon penzt nekik a tanacs? Most jottem ra, hogy nem volna szabad kritizalnom a penzek elosztasat, -foleg, hogy allami penzekrol van szo! Az kapja a penzt aki megerdemli! Igy van ez rendjen! Foleg, hogy az en adom is, meg a tied, es meg a sokunke.

U.i. No de a karacsonyi szellem hasson most at mindannyiunkat, es remenykedjunk, hogy minden jatekos palyara tud allni ma delutan a kolozsvari csapat ellen, es gyozelemmel ter haza a marosvasarhelyi csapat! Huj-huj hajra! A "diszno penzt" megkapjak amint hazernek, mert hat ok is emberek nem de?

Hol a hatar?

Nem kell megijedni! Nem az orszag hatart akarom feszegetni, mert a tobbi nemzetellenes jelzo mellett amit kaptam eddig meg egy mar nem hianyzik. Inkabb azt kellene eldonteni, hogy hol a hatar amikor a tisztelt RMDSZ-t kerjuk szamon. [Szerkesztoi megjegyzes: Ketsegtelen, nem emelkednek fel arra a szintre amire mi egyszeru erdelyi magyarok hivatottnak latjuk oket, igy szerintem strategiat kell valtani. Nem nekik, nekunk!]

Mikor nincs nyugdij emeles akkor RMDSZ! Mikor nincs anyanyelvu oktatas megint az RMDSZ nevet vesszunk a szankra. Mikor a jogaik csorbulnak megint csak RMDSZ, na es persze mikor a katolikus iskola ugye is veszni latszik akkor is oket szidjuk, hogy mar megint nem csinaltak semmit. Netan valami egyhazi birtok vesztodik, megint az RMDSZ nevet merjuk emlegetni. Most hogy lejart a kampany, mar nem fontos, hogy mutatkozzanak, hisz minek is? Keszulni kell a bukaresti "kuldetesre". Nincs mar ido egyszeru ugyekkel bajlodni -amitol a kampany volt hangos. Hagyjuk szegeny RMDSZ-t, ok is emberek, akiknek igencsak sikerult a felelem kampany, es most eppen remenykednek, hogy Kelemen urbol kulturalis minisztert csinalnak, ha mar mashoz nem is igazan ert. No de meg nem biztos az sem [...] Sejtheto, Kelemen ur mar irt a Jezuskanak, hogy jo volna egy ilyen plecsni. Hogy mit hoz a Karacsony ...? Majd kiderul?!

Miben latni  a strategia valtast? [...] Talan abban, hogy ne legyenek tobbe elvarasaink az RMDSZ-el szemben. Erjuk be annyival, hogy "ok legalabb magyarok, mert egy roman ugy sem fogja kepviselni az ugyunket", es ... ennyi. Ennyi. Ne kerjuk oket szamon semmiert, es ha talan sikerul nekik valamit is elerni, akkor orvendjunk, zengjuk nevuket es magasztaljuk oket. Boruljunk le elottuk, es talan egy evszazad mulva bekerulnek a tortenelem konyvekbe, ha addigra lesz meg aki olvassa azokat Erdelyben. Es talan Marosvasarhelyen a Valyi Gyula szobor helyett egykoron Marko kolto ur szobra diszeleg majd a Varfal mellett, netan Kerekes ur politikai pere, amint elitelik jogtalanul, mert nem tartotta be a torvenyt. Es ha szobrot nem is avatunk nekik, talan szentte vagy boldogga avatjuk oket, hisz megerdemlik. Felaldoztak az eletuket es a karrierjuket(?), hogy minket halatlan erdelyi magyarokat szolgaljanak! Ezt ne feledjuk!

Igy az egesz erdelyi magyar tarsadalom boldog lesz, ha mar tarsadalmi jolet nem is lesz, de neha egy iskola magyar nevet kap -az oktatas minosegere mar nem adunk -, illetve felallitanak egy szobrot valamelyik tortenelmi magyar varosban. No es persze maradnak a szemelyes sikerek, lasd peldaul az allammal valo uzleteles, a vadasz teruletek magan kezbe valo atjatszasa, illetve nehany jol fizeto vezeto funkcio a taskahordoknak, amit sikerul kiharcolni a politikai alkuk nyoman. Legalabb ok eljenek jol, ha nem is ertenek hozza, de magyarok [...] Es vegso soron [csak] ez szamit, nem de?

Amint atertekeljuk a hozzaallasunkat az erdelyi magyar kepviselettel szemben, rogvest boldogabbak is leszunk, es aldani fogjuk nevuket szazadokon at. A megoldas karnyujtasnyira. Ne ellenkezzunk! Fogadjuk el, es legyunk boldog erdelyi magyarok, mert ez a vegso cel, nem de? Es mindezert halaval tartozunk majd az RMDSZ-nek! Ok lesznek majd az uj Messiasok!