It is just simply amazing. Cameron's vision projects him in the future and close to other film directors like Lucas who had the Star Wars idea or Fincher who did Aliens and many others. It is really just great. However, the story is really lame but the visual effects and the 3D it's like a dream. The world of Pandora, the colorful images, the floating islands and the creatures were just out of the box.

The idea of connecting all living creatures trough the "tails" which were on each living creature was just great. To connect yourself to others and feel them and control them was a brilliant idea. However, I still have several questions like:

1) How the humans created the avatars?
2) Why it was necessary for the Navi's to have long tails?

Nevertheless, the movie is great, probably similar other movies will appear in the near future and a new movie experience has been started ...

Ps. Concerning the movie scenes I had some flashes like Demolition man (love scenes), The last samurai (final battle in the woods with those horse like animals) and the whole Navi tribe was just like in some old western movies where the settlers try to ban some poor Indians our of their lands.

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  1. Oana said...
    And if you allow me:
    - why the man-created avatars have 5 fingers on each hand whereas the "real" avatars have only 4?
    - do the "real" avatars have also 4 toes on each foot?

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