The Doha debates

I think I did mentioned earlier in some of my blog entries that I am a fan of CNN and BBC the biggest TV channels broadcasting news in English. They do different shows what you can not see for example in Romania or Hungary but of course each country has its specifics and (unfortunately) a different auditorium.

From a while, I am looking for "The Doha debates" that are a unique venture in the Arab world providing a fair battleground for conflicting opinions and arguments about the major political topics in the region. I think instead of doing these kind of soap opera style political talk-shows like all the television channel in Romania, we should learn from our British colleagues and do some high class material.

Similar quality can be found on CNN, where Christiane Amanpour a chief reporter is sitting with people like Ban-ki Moon (UN Secretary General), Tzipi Livni (leader of Kadima party), ElBaradei (former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency) or Madeleine Albright (former Secretary of States) just in order to cite some of her top interview candidates.

Have a look on these shows and you will realize that our TV culture is 50 years back ...


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