Help the people in Haiti

Dear Reader,

I know it is not so easy to earn the money but I think right now all those kids in Haiti need desperately all the money we could raise. I've checked several countries like Germany, France, Hungary, Romania and each country's UNICEF site is allowing to send some small amount of money trough some text message or a phone call. I did it, you can do it also! Those people in Haiti , they really need us! Lets help them!

Donate for Haiti wherever you are!

Ps. "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself" (Romans 13,9)

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  1. Johann Stan said...
    I did and it was a great feeling. It is a feeling that you contribute to something really important and that you help rebuild maybe a life, or that you will be part of a future smile of a child.
    Just great, do it!

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