The drama: Haiti

You may have read in one of my previous blog that I like CNN. It is quite a realistic channel, of course describing mainly American topics but still focusing in some other regions like Europe, Asia and Africa as well.

Haiti just went trough a 7.3 earthquake and the capital city Port au Prince is in ruins. Considering some estimations several hundred thousands people are under the debris most of them they did not survived. Haiti is a poor country and they were really not prepared to such a natural calamity. I am really sorry for all this people over there and I hope all the donations and help will be channeled to this city as fast as possible. I am praying God to help them!

CNN tries to cover the hole event presenting in details what is happening really over there. You can see dead bodies, wounded and many other people just walking like some zombies without any hope. Terrible. Honestly, I was shocked about some of the shots.

One of the CNN reporter just covered a situation where a small girl has been stocked under the debris and he can not escape and she is in pain, suffering, scared to death ,while the others can not do anything as they do not have the corresponding equipment. At the surface they are deciding to cut her leg in order to get her out but even if they do so, there is no blood supplies which would be necessary for such a surgery. It is inhuman but unfortunately this is reality right now in Haiti.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Sorry, but I can not refuse to send the following comment: "You called yourself "a poort 3rd world country" guy. Now you know what it means to be poor.

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