The purple "evil" force

Look. I live in Romania for more than 33 years and I can tell you there are some things over there but the last accusations of Mr. Mircea Geoana, the former presidency candidate are just shocking. These kind of comments can not come out in a Western country, but Romania is still Romania. Everything is just possible.

He is claiming the fact that his direct adversary in the presidential run, Mr. Traian Basescu has used some "evil forces" to get the presidential election. He claims to have seen some specialist behind the scenes which can do such kind of hypnosis or some other kind of actions to influence somebody using his esoteric energies. Definitely, such kind of research exists and has quite a long history in the former URSS but to claim such things after he has been defeated by his adversary is quite lame and be honest, quite stupid.

I had high expectations for this Socialist Party leader and I thought to be the right candidate for the President of Romania but after these statements made by himself and his wife I just do not know anymore what should I think... Of course we can just suppose that the world is directed by some malefic force coming out from somebodies mind but still, we should be rational at some point. Probably he will loose the leadership in his party at the upcoming party congress and he will be just a secondary element in the new Socialist Party or he just retires from active political life.

In order to finish this story, I would like to quote a Romanian columnist: "We live in Romania and this occupies all our time". (Mircea Badea)


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