I am really sorry for this Romanian title but I think this is the most appropriate one to describe the current status of Romania. All citizens living in the country they know exactly what I am talking about.

While some countries like Germany appears in the news because they just past over the economical crisis, or some others because they were just hit by a huge earthquake (see Haiti), France because he would like to introduce some taxes on the advertisements or America where the popularity of the Nobel laureate President Barack Obama just going down and down, Romania is present on the news spots because of his huge loans at IMF (International Monetary Found) and lately because of the accusations of some political leaders about some purple flash which would have helped the former Romanian president Traian Basescu to get elected again.

In the meantime, Romania even though it is a member state of the EU, has huge difficulties regarding different issues like agriculture, education, health care, unemployment, impartiality in the judicial system, corruption, etc. Instead of solving these issues the different parties are selecting the best candidates for the different positions. It does not matter if the persons are qualified for a job or another. The only issue is his/her political color. At each election is the same old story. Your (political ) color is not appropriate anymore so just "goodbye".

Can you imagine? In a couple of months 15,000 (or even more) teachers - mainly old employees or teachers without no real education is this field - from the education system will be jobless. One issue will be to give them something else to do but what is going to happen to those kids who are just loosing their school teachers?

Romania has been invaded in the last decade by different TV channels, all of them having talk-shows all the time. If we can not solve some problems, what we can do: we can discuss about. So each citizen knows the whole political elite but only their names because instead of solving problems they just discuss about the problems. Quite an interesting approach. This is kind of problem solving "a la roumaine". Probably still enough for the people, otherwise they would do some work instead of talking and talking and talking .....

Ps. The aforementioned title can be translated in English something like: "Romania, the country of Prince Papura ". Papura Voda (Prince Papura) was a historical figure ruling over one part of Romania (Moldova) during 1659-1661 when the commoners were starving and they baked breath from sedge (papura).


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