Do not get me wrong. I am not trying to attack the Catholic Church but I am more criticizing their attitude toward the child abuses committed by the clergy. Everybody is waiting for this public apology from a high official (even from His Sanctity, Pope Benedict XVI.) but the Church does not want to admit all these crimes. Rather they prefer to keep a low profile and have some private audiences with some [minor] parts of the victims.

I admire Pope John-Paul II. He apologized for the killings and brutalities committed by Christians, mainly Catholics, during the Crusades on the Holy land during the XI-XIII centuries. I hope from all of my hart we should not wait again 800 years to have such a righteous character ...

Recently, a new scandal has made the headlines. The former bishop of Bruges, Belgium admitted to abuse a boy early in his carrier. Of course he resigned and the Pope accepted his resignation but there is nothing else? He can leave just like that? Amazing!

Which is more shocking is the press conference of Archbishop of Belgium who said by accepting the resignation of the former bishop, the Church would "resolutely turn a page on a very painful" topic. I completely disagree with this statement. Unfortunately, I think there will many more lines on that page in the near future. The page has not to be turned yet. One thing is to preach the Truth and another to live the Truth.

However, the Catholic Church should radically change its attitude toward these abuses committed by clerics against innocent children. They desperately need some public apology and some other actions in order to assure them this will never ever happen again.

Ps. Some other resignation came from Ireland and Germany. But who's next?

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  1. Johann Stan said...
    I think these revelations will considerably mark Pope Benedict's reign in front of the Catholic Church.
    They try to solve the problem quietly, in secret, behind the curtains. I think also, that the Pope is just too old to cope with the problem. Maybe the next one.

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