Mr. Obama vs. President Obama

There is a hype around Barack Obama nowadays. Of course he is is using quite well the media for his own purpose but we should admit he is quite a character in the American society. Anyway I was quite happy when he was elected and invested as President of United States of America. He is the first African American holding the Oval Office and the White House. Congratulation! This is the accomplished American Dream!

However, I would like to discuss something more formal than this. More precisely how we should address the President of the United States of America. Is it possible to call him Mr. Obama? or President Obama?

I think once he was invested as president we should not call him just simply Mr. Obama but rather President Obama. Omitting his status is considered as being a miss respect against the person and his status. Similar issue is raised in the academical area where you should address a professor. I think you should never address a university professor by Mr/Miss/Mrs excepting you have a close personal relation with the person. What do you think?


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