August 31, 1999

Yes. This is a date. Quite a normal one but rather particular for me. It was 10 years ago, a sunny day when I just left my hometown and I have started a long journey which is still going on.

I remember that day. I recall my mother came to me and she gave me 80.000ft which was quite a sum at that time. She told me, that's all I have my son! So I have started my career at that day when using and old bus I moved to Budapest, Hungary. You can imagine, a young computer scientist in a huge city as Budapest. Many things were new at that time but I survived. PhD, lectures at Eotvos Lorand University, a job in a company, bad things, good things, loves, passion , my first apartment and so on. After that I moved to France, India, back to Budapest and right now I am in Dortmund, Germany. 10 years ...


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