The hegemony of English

Yesterday I was looking the CNN broadcasting from Guadalajara, Mexico. The Mexican president Calderon together with Canadian prime minister Harper and last but not least the US president Obama have a press conference late in the afternoon (western European time). It is quite normal that each leader have had addressed the public in his own language, namely Spanish, English and PM Harper considered both official languages of his country: French and English.

Once PM Harper started his speech in French the CNN commentator just stated that there is no french translator available so they just cut the broadcasting and returned to the spot once the prime minister started to give its talk in English. I consider it pretty lame this approach of the CNN as they are one of the biggest news network all over the world so they should be prepared for such an event. However it was nothing new. The Canadian PM is delivering his talk always in French and English ...

I think this total hegemony of English all over the other languages of the planet can be a drawback in such cases. I think we can claim also some respect for our own language even if it is not so popular than English is. Do not forget. Many people speak English as a second language while English speaking persons mainly do not speak any other foreign language!

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  1. Johann Stan said...
    Good point, i also saw this on CNN and was disappointed by the cut.

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