Welcome to the ZOO!

Nevada. Desert. Middle of nowhere. And I am not talking about a zoo as many would expect. I just borrowed a line from a Uber driver. He called Las Vegas: "the Zoo"! And he was absolutely right. It's a zoo. A big one.

I landed at night time. From the airplane you can see all the lights which keep this city alive. Without those lights and huge banners is just a boring city in the middle of the desert with some cacti. Huge hotels full of people coming to drink, play cards, enjoying strip clubs, bars, prostitutes, restaurant, fake luxury, and some shows. Sorry, I almost forgot about those who came here to visit the Grand Canyon and the surroundings. Vegas is the ideal place to start a long trip over four different states (Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California). You have all these amazing rocks, canyons, deserts and nature. However, let's go back to the Zoo.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago about Vegas, I would have told you it's a dream to visit the city where "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". Now? I am pretty much disappointed. Definitely the Strip looks nice during the night. It is fun to walk it up and down and see that multitude of people. In front of Bellagio it is splendid the fountain show and the music, but the rest is just rubbish, and seeing the gondolas in front of The Venetian is kitschy. Of course the pharaohs in the Luxor also have some "charm", but for those who never traveled overseas it is just perfect. It meets the level and the expectations.  Not to mention my favorite, the Trump building, ... and there are many others. 

I spent some nights in the Stratosphere too (and it was amazing to go on the rooftop and have a drink with the city below you), but I have to admit, that the quality of service, and the rooms, and the ambiance was [...] Smelly, full of all kind of people, where cleaning definitely was not a priority, food and trash all over the place, but apparently that's Vegas. Prostitution is legal, drinking on the street is also allowed. It is quite funny to see how old dudes they go with their 20 something nieces, to "show them the city". You can see the hypocrisy of the American society. If you go in a normal city with a bottle - which resembles to alcohol, they will frame you. If you drink in public and pay a hooker in Vegas is just normal. What has changed? It is not the same country? Not the same moral code? Of course, money is money! I get it!

You walk the streets and you see some interesting faces. You see how worn out they are, but for some it is too late. They became part of the city, and the city is not letting them go anymore. They are the captives, the animals in that human zoo called Vegas.  And yet another story: the multitude of people who wants to hit the jackpot, but usually end up with empty pockets. The bills are high in this city! Somebody should pay the bill!

Did I liked it? Yes, I did. It was new, interesting and a lifetime experience, but is still just a zoo full of people acting like beasts.  Not to mention, that Las Vegas is integral part of the American culture, and definitely is something what you will never see in Europe - hopefully.
Just come over, welcome to the ZOO, see for yourself, and I let you decide [...]



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