Sorry! Never mind! I just mixed up the names. Raymond was a funny character with his lovely family and friends, while Donald is a special breed.  

He is one of the possible republican candidates running for the White House. Yes that one, close to the National Mall, where important things are decided. Our Donald is a wealthy man - so he does not need to beg for money to finance his campaign, and this fact is to be appreciated. However, he is special, and he is shootin' high. And he is definitely lucky, as he was born and raised in a real estate developer family. So no real hard work, and the money was just flowing from day one. Some might just get lucky. And he has a tower too! Do you? Probably this is one of the reasons why he is running for president and not you! Build a tower first, and than we will see if you are electable or not.

Our beloved Donald apparently is not the best business man ever. He has lots of law suits -which usually end up with settlements [...], but he has high hopes and he started running for the presidency, and he is almost in the finish line. The whole Republican Establishment is ashamed, and I assume they do whatever is necessary to stop him, but apparently he is just not stopping. He can not be stopped, and he is winning states after states. The Super Tuesday is all about Trump. Yes.  The voters just simply adore him! Why? Because he is different. He is not a politician, he has its own money, his vocabulary is rather limited, he is not politically correct, he hates immigrants but he loves everybody! He did not disavow the endorsement of one KKK leader, he loves poorly educated people, he likes to act like a clown in each political rally, disrespects the other candidates, he wants to [re]build a Great America, he wants to finish ISIS in a day,  negotiate with everybody -he claims he is good at it, though many of his lawsuits ended up by paying money to others, building a wall on the southern border with Mexican money. And let's not talk about other racist comments and his ideas about women in general. I almost forgot to mention. He also collects good looking wives. And he consumes them fast. He is currently married with his third wife, a former photo model from Slovenia. Quite some republican values, I have to tell [...] The party should revise its doctrine!

Despite all these facts, he is just winning. Disillusioned people from the Bush era, and current voters who have been mislead by the current president who promised so many things, but he is ending up his presidency in a couple of months and almost nothing has been done -let's hope he will manage to close Guantanamo-, just vote for this newcomer with a completely populist rhetoric. Does he gonna be the republican nominee? We will see in the next few months, but apparently many republicans are ashamed to see how such a ... character is dividing the party, and  hijacking votes. 

People just simply love Donald! I can not help it! He is just a new Raymond!


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