I want my own Oscar

I did not got mine, but the Son of Saul (100% Hungarian production), just got the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Movie last night. I am happy, the whole country is happy! We were really proud to see a Hungarian "cashing" his statue (see Laszlo Nemes), and considering the fact that we are only 15M all over the world, I think we just simply rock. Brilliant. [We waited just only 36 years! ...]

However, reading the news all over America, I realized that the 88th Academy Award is accused of being "too white" as no black actor/director was nominated. We know that racism is quite popular and well rooted in the American society, and even though they do not admit it -excepting during elections, I still think we should not mix culture and bias against minorities. I am quite a fan of Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman and many other valuable black actors (Sidney Poitier, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Forest Whitaker, Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, etc.), but I think we should not nominate somebody just to keep the liberals happy. If you are good you should be nominated, but of you were not performing that good, why should you be nominated? 

Myself being a [Hungarian] minority in Transylvania, Romania I had to go trough many things, and still not completely happy how minorities are treated in Romania, but I have to confess that in my understanding positive discrimination can not always solve the problem. Apparently, some might think that we should nominate minorities just to avoid being accused of racist, but I think we should be impartial and decide based only on quality. If you are good, you should be nominated, but if not just wait your turn, and next time do better! 

If we go with this PC narrative next year, most probably some Chinese and Indian guy should get the big prize as they are way more than the "white ones" who apparently monopolize the Academy Award. I am Hungarian, we are limited though, but we need a  prize on our own. Otherwise I might well accuse them of being "too white American-ish". The ball is in your court 89th Academy Award!


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