Complete failure

We failed. They failed. We all did. In the light of these new events of Syrian and other migrants ending up at the doorstep of  Europe without even nocking, we just realized -despite our highly elevated social, moral and judicial standards, that we are neither prepared nor ready to handle these newcomers.

Hungary ended up with few thousand of immigrants, and we failed them as much as we failed ourselves. We showed our intolerance toward some [poor] immigrants who do not speak our language, do not share our culture and definitely do not want to stay in Hungary. We did not managed to host them properly, letting them ending up in a central station's floor to sit and stay for days in complete misery. Inhuman. 

Hungary failed to stop illegal immigrants to enter the country's border and the Schengen area, which lead us to currently have on Schengen soil several thousand paperless, undocumented individuals - some of them completely disagreeing with our values, which might lead to unforeseen problems. Some of these problems can not be solved later.  It will be too late at that time. The Hungarian authorities failed miserably to enforce the law of the country and the Schengen agreement. 

The immigrants failed in their behavior.  Many of them came illegally in the country already transgressing the law and order governing the country. As immigrant they should have respected the law and the regulations, and in many cases they failed to do so. The hostile behavior also did not helped their case. If you come in a foreign country who does not want you, you should act and behave properly and beside the so-called rights which we provide for you, you should be aware that some rules and laws are to be respected too, otherwise no rights are to be amended. The immigrants' attitude and behavior was intolerable and such attitude goes nowhere and it will incite more hatred and intolerance.  

We all FAILED!


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