Don't give them false hopes. Send a clear message. In my understanding this unclear message was/is the reason for this unprecedented waive of exodus from Syria to Europe. First, Germany promised to host the refugees, but it seems in the aftermath of the events in Hungary and other countries, they seem to radically change their "welcome policy". Nobody is to be blamed for that, but Chancellor Merkel. Now it is time for her to send another message. It might be harsh, sad and unfavorable for some, but is a necessary evil.

Meanwhile, we have learned many things. We Europeans just realized that we are not prepared for such a mass of people, and we handle the situation catastrophically. Letting people camp on the main railway station in Budapest was a totally bad decision, and it helped much to paint a rather false picture about the refugees in the eyes of the society. Using brutal force is also not a solution, and is not going to stop people from coming again and again. Let people in the country illegally in the beginning was completely against the law, and nowadays enforcing the same law is awkward and inappropriate [...] We also realized that mainly Eastern Europeans can not cope with immigrants, as many of us are intolerant, spreading hatred and far right ideology at the highest level. Sad but true.

On the other hand, we have seen [some] refugees and immigrants alike behaving [...] You seek asylum in a country and you start by trespassing its border ? You are asked to register and you refuse though it is requested by the Schengen Agreement? You come in a country and you start breaking the law? I am quite an open minded guy, and I have some knowledge about immigration residing myself in several countries over the past decade, but the behavior of the refugees/immigrants was/is intolerable, disgraceful and totally unlawful. Our main values here in Europe are based on democracy, tolerance, and law. If you share these values, you are most welcome, but otherwise probably it would be advisable to look for other destinations. You should respect us in order the have the same favor in return.

The message is clear: "Europe does not have the means to handle such a huge amount of refugees/immigrants. Those who really are looking for asylum should abide the law and respect each letter of the law, otherwise they are not welcome here! Europe was built on christian values, respecting its citizens and welcoming people from all over the world, but only in the spirit of the law and democracy. There is no other way! Take it or leave it!"



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