We just simply can't

accept each other. With this exodus of immigrants from Syria and whatnot a complete turmoil has started in the EU, and now it echoes trough the whole world. If such thing would happen in Africa -which often does (Rwanda (1994) just to mention one), nobody would care, but once it happens in our doorstep we start to be agitated and complain about the mess. Life is messy dear Europeans like it or not. Hypocrisy is among us.

Instead of solving the situation, which indeed is a real problem we fight each other. While some are welcoming the refugees, others spread hatred and post mainly doctored photos to incite even more to racism and far right ideology. It is normal to some extent.  Most people have never seen a foreigner before in their countries (i.e. Hungary, Slovakia, Poland), therefore their fear is real! We should focus the effort to explain and guarantee that those fears are not real or far less than they would think. To do that, we should enforce the law, letting in only those people who cross legally the Schengen border and register as the current legislation requests. We should keep those out who create problems, do not comply with the regulations and trespass the borders.  We do not want them. We are willing to help people in needs, but we do not want to have restrictions just because other people they do not like our freedom and society. They have the choice: either stay and comply with the current laws and regulations or just pick another country. 

It is quite a pity to see, how people hate each other because they think differently. This energy focused now into hate should be channeled toward finding a solution, but instead we just insult each other calling each other nazi, racist, liberal, stupid and you name it.  Insulting each other is not going to solve the problem which is quite a real one. Thousands of immigrants are prepared to risk their life just to reach Europe. We should solve the problem at the source by stopping the killings and massacres in Syria, but apparently the EU is not capable of doing that. Either they solve it fast, or we just face the consequences. The ball is in our court now! We should act instead of hating each other!


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