Addressing the whole problem, is probably way too much. Therefore, it would be preferable to focus more on Hungary. Did we learned something? Maybe we did, or some might not. It is up to you my fellow Hungarian to decide and act accordingly. 

1) The wrong message of Chancellor Merkel got us in a big trouble, and now backing up would be quite shameful and dishonoring, but sooner or later she has to retract her encouraging message, otherwise we will be in even more trouble. Europe is not ready to take in so many refugees!
2) Politicians and the society is completely divided on the subject, and instead of solving the problem, people have started hating each other, and sending pros and cons all over the internet calling themselves patriots, nazis, racist, intolerant and you name it.
3) Countries (Hungary included after Spain, Italy, France, etc.) started building fences on the borders as Germany did during the WWII in the ghettos, but the slightly difference is, now the fences are meant "protecting" us from the "evil invaders". In practice is not helping much, but it might give some contracts and money to some people, and some necessary training to the refugees/immigrants  to cut the wires, but definitely not helping what is really meant for, namely to keep illegals out.
4) The immigrants/refugees or at least quite a bunch of them acted like barbarians, attacking police officers, refusing food, roaming around and unfortunately breaking the law multiple times. They caused disruptions on trains, borders, etc. Living on a railway station might helped much to convey a rather negative message to a public unaware of immigrants, and supporting far right ideology.
5) Our government needed months to realize the borders should be closed for those who do not register as the regulation of the Schengen Agreements stipulates. We let into the Schengen area several thousand people without knowing anything about their past, present and future. It is safe? No, it is not! Who is responsible? Our government, your government, and in general the politicians!
6) We are called nazis just because we act in the name of the law, and many pictures about so-called abuses on both sides invaded the digital space trying to support one side or another, though the reality lies in between. Pictures are not going to solve the problem!
7) The different countries (Hungary included among Greece, Austria, Croatia, etc.) try to toss the problem in the neighbor's backyard, hoping that it will go away somehow. Unfortunately it is not going to happen, and it shows how the current political elite is not prepared for such a situation. They all failed, including ourselves.
8) Is there any solution? Of course it is, but for that we need to readjust our legal system concerning immigration, enforce the law by letting in only those people who register at the borders, and find a solution to deal fast and quickly with the asylum demands in harmony with our current economical situation and need. Our leaders, are they ready to do this? No!


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