or vice versa. It is more important to be familiar with this notion, and apply it as much as you can. Unfortunately, it seems we hardly manage to comply with this requirement these days. In this turmoil caused by the Syrian and other refugees looking for political asylum in Hungary - or more precisely in EU, this respect seems to disappear. Beside the dumbness of my many co-nationals seeing closely a foreign national for the first time in their life, unfortunately there is no respect from the other side either. And this is sad. Really sad!

I try to understand their delicate situation in which they are currently, but those refugees have to understand that nobody asked them to come to Hungary. Trespassing the border illegally is not an option and trying to avoid registration is beyond the law, therefor forbidden and not tolerated at any time!  If they want to get into the EU they should follow the rules or otherwise their are not welcome here. There are many other countries in the world, probably some even closer to their culture, but I hardly believe the rules are different than here. We built in this corner of the world some judicial system, some social and welfare system which definitely is attractive for outsiders, but to enjoy and share it, you, dear immigrant should respect our laws, society and culture. That's the deal! 

I am a rather tolerant person, trying to help and understand others, but in order to respect you, you should respect me! And apparently many refugees do not comply with this simple rule.

P.S. I spent many years in 4 different countries as immigrant (France, Germany, US and unfortunately in my "home country" Hungary), but I always tried to respect the law and respect the culture, values and people. You should do the same!    


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