Immigrants. You can like them or not. You can help them or not. You can sympathize with them on not. It is your choice. Stepping aside from being PC (politically correct), it is your own will and choice, and everybody should respect that. Nobody can force you to think differently as you really do. That's democracy or at least the impression of it.

However, it is really sad to see that a bunch of people send photos, messages, slogans and news articles mainly with far right ideology trough Facebook/Instagram/Twitter just to create more tension and more hatred. I am certainly sure they are right to some extent. Many of those immigrants are illegal (trespassing the EU borders), and they should be banned from EU forever! Many of them acted violently with the authorities, many of them refused the food and help! Many of them created chaos by roaming around the streets and highways. Many of them embarked illegally on trains forcing the authorities to stop the whole train causing troubles to the regular customers.  Nobody can deny all these things. It just happened in the last few days, but the problem is not really this. Mainly these guys have never seen an immigrant, even less a refugee who just lost his home, his job, probably some family member. And this lack of knowledge pushes them to publish all kind of news, violent photos and many more articles spreading intolerance, hatred, etc. 

I am not preaching that these immigrants should end up in EU. Currently EU -in my opinion, is not prepared for such a massive immigrant exodus. We neither have the means nor the people acceptance to welcome so many [Syrian] refugees, but spreading hatred on digital media is probably not our best option. The politicians should change the laws, the governments should enforce the law, the authorities should punish all kind of illegalities, but we people should stay calm and focused and we should not preach violence. Jews were killed for less in the Nazi Germany! What do we want? Kill people just because they are different? It is time to wake up and be driven by common sense and humanity. Hatred is not the solution! Our western societies were built on humanity, laws and common sense. We should stand up to these values!

P.S. Not all immigrants are violent! Many of them are respectful, and open to our culture and our values. We should focus on these guys, and get rid of the others by legal means, but not using human stupidity and hatred. Please do not let manipulate yourself by others. Think and act accordingly.


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