Hungary is a sell out

Honestly, nowadays the Hungarian Government can not shock me anymore. They typed the new constitution on iPad, they do not accept the comments coming from the Venice Commission w.r.t the unconstitutional parts of the new constitutional modifications, they "do no manage" to translate the constitution for the EU, etc. Impressive. However, we have, we have a lot of arrogance!

And now, the new political boom, the visit of the Chinese PM Wen Jiabao in Hungary. A year ago the rightist Fidesz campaigned with "The country is not for sale!", "Hungary belongs to Hungarians" and other similar populist slogans. For sure, they did a good job! They won the elections, now they have 2/3 of the Parliament in their pocket, so honestly the opposition parties and their politicians are payed for nothing. It is a waist of money.

In a press conference with his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban, PM Wen announced that China is ready to buy Hungarian government bonds and a one billion euro credit from the China Development Bank for common projects will be offered. Interesting, really interesting. He also mentioned that this is a "new and very important deal" and he considers Hungary as a new "logistic platform". Strange! A few months ago they wanted to give back the country to its citizens, nowadays we become a "Chinese platform". Congratulation! Good job Mr. Orban!

I do not question the fact, that Hungary needs investments, whatever the source of this investment is, but selling the country in this way ...? Of course we know China is investing huge amount of money in Australia, US and some African countries, so there is no problem with that but the "how" is rather strange.

Of course for such amount of money, investment and "logistic platform", we even banned the poor Tibetan movements and we oppressed whatever protest they might have on the streets of Budapest. I am certainly sure, only those participant were allowed in the auditorium of the Eotvos Lorand University, visited by the PM Wen who knew "how to behave" and do not ask nasty questions about Tibet. This is how Hungary is treating the free speech and the ideal of democracy ...


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