The second day in Sydney

The enthusiasm was not that big anymore, probably it was not Sydney but rather the fatigue however, I wanted to visit all the coins of the city and feel Sydney instead of just visit Sydney. You know bread the city ...
So after exchanging some currency in a bank I took the train (like the Schnellbahn is Germany or HEV in Hungary) and headed to Town Hall. Of course you should not expect something like in Paris or Aachen but still a Victorian building and a nice one. A even visited a church and had some nice discussion with the guardian of the temple about the British heritage here in Australia.

It is really interesting how in between these skyscrapers you can find some old building. You can find some shot here. After a nice walk in the business district I did like all Aussie would do. Go in a park and have some rest. I went to The Domain park and I did exactly the same. Lying on the grass, relax, looking for the birds, people, etc. It was really something amazing. A new experience. A good one I have to tell.

After this relax session I enjoyed some good food in a food court at Martin place the center of the business district. Of course the final destination before attending a Yahoo7 event was the Opera and Harbour Bridge. It was really a life time experience to sit there and enjoy the sunshine and the view. You should also try this felling.

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