My Aussie hosts

Till now I just wrote about my personal experience in this spectacular voyage Down Under. Right now is time to thank my hosts for their hospitality, kindness, patience and indulgence. Csaba and Maria immigrated last year to Australia and right now they live in Sydney. The unknown story is, ... I purchased for them the tickets to Australia and we started our new life stage at the same time. They went to Sydney, Australia, I went to Dortmund Germany. Such an interesting coincidence, isn't it?

They are really nice people and unfortunately we can not see each other more often. However, this year we are lucky as they will be back in Europe for Christmas and the New Year celebrations. I just left them a couple of hours ago but I already miss them. They are really good friends of mine.

Thank you guys! You are just simply great!

Ps. Csaba and Maria set up a blog about their longer journey in Australia. Unfortunately the posts are in Hungarian but you can write them in English and probably you will get a quick reply.


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