The journey is almost over

The 3 weeks are gone and I am almost back in Europe. I am at the moment at Abu Dabi, UAE waiting for my flight back to Frankfurt. It was hell of a journey. I flew from Sydney to Brisbane, from Brisbane to Singapore, from Singapore to Abu Dabi and finally from Abu Dabi to Frankfurt and of course I will take the train to reach Dortmund.

It was really a nice voyage in an unknown country with so many nice impressions starting from snorkeling to at Port Douglas, to the walks in the Blue Mountains and the nice beaches around Sydney, the animals, the Aussies and those funny road signs all over. It was a lifetime experience and I suggest you dear reader to go there and see for yourself. Australia is a beautiful country, totally different what we have seen so far here in Europe.

Definitely, I have so many things to tell, to write, to think but sure you will read some of them here in this blog. Now more time is needed to cover the hole story.


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