Down Under

Yes. I am going there. I kept a low profile on that because it was not that important. Right now it is. For the next couple of weeks I'll be in Sydney, Australia.

Right now I'm at Abu Dabi International Airport. It is damn hot crowded and I do not like all this sand all over. Probably that's what they have here. Oil and sand. A strange mixture but however they are just simply rich. Anyway, I prefer Europe.

The next blog entry will be probably from the airplane or already from Sydney. We will see. From Frankfurt to Abu Dabi there was a nice flight I got 2 seats so it was luxury I would say. The start was quite good. The train from Dortmund to Cologne was 1h late so I thought it can happen I will be not in time for my flight but everything just turned fine. I found another train, I reached my train from Cologne to Frankfurt and right now here I am.

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  1. Johann Stan said...
    Have a great time there! Keep also an eye on flights, problems again due to the volcano in old Europe!

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