40h sleep deprivation

That was yesterday. I have not had any sleep for more than 40h. At the end I was a bit dizzy but you can imagine. Yesterday I arrived to Sydney.

My friends were waiting for me at the airport. We just drove home get a breakfast and went for a BBQ party in one of those many parks around Sydney. I have seen a wallaby and some bird and totally different flora. It was Mother day as well, so it was even a challenge to find some free BBQ place and parking space.

Everybody was outside and enjoying good weather, food and company. We did the same. Some other three families have joined and we have spent a nice afternoon. At the end I was not that nice anymore but 36h without sleep, you know it is not that easy. However, I managed somehow. We went home we discuss some issues about today and I went to bed. Right now, I am after 10h of good sleep, so: Sydney, here I am.

Ps. I have some pictures already but I will post them soon.


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