The NIH campus in Bethesda

I worked in many placed all over the world, but such a huge research institute I have never seen before. Simply amazing. Can you imagine? 28,000 guys working in this institute. I would say, the National Institute of Health (NIH) is kind of a paradise for doctors, biologists, chemists, and least but not last for computer scientists. 

Several huge buildings, a shuttle services and researchers all over. Amazing mixture of people from all over the world. Really nice environment. The campus has its own subway station (Medical Center) so you can imagine how huge institute is. The coolest thing ever, the campus is tabacco free! I could never imagine such thing in Europe, though now it is not possible to smoke in government building but you can see a horde of people sitting outside and enjoying their cigarettes. Here nobody is smoking on the campus! We should do the same in Europe!

Each day are some presentations, talks, other programs which can be attended for free, it is really a nice research environment. The institute holds the biggest medical library worldwide, and I work there!


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