[First] Easter in Washington

This is my first Easter far from home, however, I do not have to complain. I found a Hungarian speaking protestant church not far from here and I attended the service and it was just great. And during the service I thought I have seen some know face, however, I was not so sure but at the end she was the one (I won't disclose her name, I will use only the initials: A. B). An old schoolmate from my high school spent some days here and she attended the same service. It was just great to see somebody from your past. Lovely people all these Hungarians around here. I even got an invitation for a ball, a Hungarian one.

The day ended up in a Hungarian-Mexican family, with some delicious food (even vinetta I mean home made egg plants), cake and some lovely kids and people. It was a great day! I should be grateful!


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