Instead of resigning, and turning the page, Mr. Pal Schmitt, the ex-president of Hungary can not stand the fact that his doctor title was revoked due some 200 pages of plagiarism out of his 215 pages thesis by the Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary and right now he is planning to attack the decision of the university's Senate in court.

Lets make it clear. He cheated, he copied, he committed plagiarism, he lied about this fact several times and now he wants a lawsuit against such an obvious and right decision? I think he did a right decision when he announced his resignation in the Hungarian Parliament but this shows that this was the only one. It seems the ex-presidential stupidity has no limits!

P.S. I would suggest to the ex-president to (re)-think about this lawsuit issue and he should rather retire and write his memoirs. I suggest a complete chapter on how he copied his entire doctoral thesis from some Bulgarian sport diplomat and a German professor Klauss Heinemann. I think it will be a bestseller! If there is no more reputation, at least he could get some money out of such a book. However, we live in a democratic country and even stupidity is tolerated.


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