First steps in the New World

No more plagiarism! Lets talk America! One week ago I landed in this New World. Of course some 3h delay at Dusseldorf International Airport due some technical problem, but I finally managed. Some nice friend waited me at Dulles International Airport and late night I arrived in Washington D.C., more precisely in Chevy Chase, MD.

It is not my first time in US, however, I was impressed. Somehow Washington D.C. and the metropolitan area is a huge forest, with houses, monuments, trails, tracks, the Potomac and Americans. Everything is big! I mean really big! The cars, the streets, the parking lots, the shops, and everything.

I visited also Washington downtown: White House, U.S. Capitol, Smithsonian, U.S. Supreme Court, Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, Washington Monument, the cherry blossom, etc. Amazing. It is exactly like in those US movies which we can get back in Europe. Of course the White House seems to be bigger and whiter on the movies (grace to Photoshop!) but the rest is really authentic.

I liked them a lot, and once I have the time I will be back to explore more in details all these institutes, monuments and museums. However, I think I was most impressed by the Arlington Cemetery. All those graveyards lining up like some soldiers is fantastic. I witnessed even a burial ceremony, with those soldiers lining up at the coffin of their comrade and giving him/her the final respect and honor. Really impressive I can tell! Those fires and the flag is something which each American soldier could wish once he finished his earthy mission. It was really something wich deeply touched me!

P.S. I will spend some time in Washington, and I hope to explore all know and unknown details of this lovely capital! Some first shots can be seen here!


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