Wat we have seen in Japan is something which I do not want to see again. Remembering those times back in 2007-2008 when I spent a lot of time there and seeing everything just vanished it is not that easy to handle. The whole country was hit by that earthquake, a natural catastrophe without any chance to do something against. We just realized how helpless we are in the battle with nature.

Even though in other regions are also earthquakes and people are killed, injured and cities or regions are just washed away, this one here in Japan is even more dangerous because the Fukushima nuclear power plant has been affected. So it not just a tragedy but it can be even worse.

Of course, now, the most important is to help those people out there and give them hope but we should debate again and again the choice of using nuclear energy. Indeed, the energy consumption of the population is growing and growing and these rather new technologies offered by nuclear reactions pay off but there is a huge danger behind those reactions. Radiations can kill more than we can imagine.

There should be a real debate as soon as possible about these nuclear power plants because it is not anymore about a country or a larger region but also about the world's population. We should not destroy what we have built over the centuries.


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