Deutsche Bahn ... sucks

My day started really nicely. However, it ended up really bad.
I had a reservation for the ICE 662 from Nurenberg to Dortmund. It is a 4h 30 minutes ride.
I was at the main station on time, however, I have seen already there is a 5 minute delay but even here in Germany I can accept such a short period to wait for my train. I checked even where my coach should be situated in order to be sure to step in the car, get my seat and be happy ever after once I occupied my seat.
The train was delayed around 15 minutes but I told myself s... can happen even here in Germany.

The nice suprize was where I found out there is no such couch number like 31, so implicitly no seat 66 so there was no place for me. So clueless I stepped in a car with some other number and I realized some others faced the same problems as me. It was impossible to stay even in the hallway. Of course nobody was happy but there was nothing to do against.

Can you imagine 8 coaches were missing? Unbelievable! Never ever again DB! Never ever!


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