No. Until now we can not. We just download without knowing exactly what we are doing. We trespass a lot of copyright laws but nobody cares. We just simply download. The p2p networks appeared and from that moment a new industry was born. Somebody is ripping some music, movie and in a moment the whole word can have access to that material belonging to the "dark side".

Of course in each country there is some mediatic litigation each year, but the phenomena can not be stopped anymore. Once you have a decent Internet connection you can have access to music, movies, software, etc. and the cost is 0. Nothing. For "free". Just for example, take a look at this website.

In some countries nowadays they realized that some "digital law" would not solve the problem. The users can hide behind some IP address, nobody can be pursued, so there is no chance to sue all the users.

A possible solution would be to pay some extra fees to the ISP and those funds should be distributed among those persons who claim to have some copyright material "shared" on the World Wide Web. However, there are some questions regarding this possible solution.

1) What about the amount of the fee?
2) Who should pay this fee? Who is in control to supervise this paying?
3) What is happening to those who are not downloading illegal material?
4) Would this [collected] money be sufficient?
5) How such selling model would change the classical trading?

What do you think?


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