The Easter is coming and the Vatican is facing new allegations concerning the children abuse all over the world. I imagine they would like to diminish to importance of these accusations but right now it is too late. Nobody can stop anymore this and I am quite happy about this issue. Nobody is above law, not even the Church or other similar organizations. Can you imagine? To abuse deaf children? These guy are claiming to provide moral guidance?

Of course some claim that Pope Benedict XVI should resign. I do not know anything about canon law so probably I can not really comment this claim, however something should change. Either His Sanctity decide to resign (not really probably considering the history of papacy) or some radical changes should be deployed like transparency and application of new protocols for clerics accused for any kind of abuse (moral, physical or sexual).

Benedict's actions have been marked by "transparency, firmness and severity in shedding light on the various cases of sexual abuse committed by priests and clergymen," the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano said in a front-page article. Unfortunately, I can not really believe anymore the statements coming out from the Vatican.

All the clerics accused for such abuses should be stopped to work with children and delivered to the justice system available in the country where the cleric is performing his duty. The cover-up should stop!

Ps. I consider this scandal one of the biggest one shaking the Vatican. To get back some credentials the Vatican and the Catholic Church should prove more than "transparency, firmness and severity" claimed by the Pope. I letter to the abused ones is not healing the wounds.

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  1. Lilian Michael said...
    These allegations are a big blow to the church. Hence, something should be done by the vatican in order to bring back trust to the church of God.

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