Election is over. Democrats are wondering -me included, how this could have happened? CNN predicted Clinton to be the winner, and all the polls showed the same results: Hillary is the next president. Anyhow, who would be stupid enough to elect a funny character such as Donald Trump? Right? He is a clown with a stupid message meant for the uneducated population. No educated people with some sort of reasoning would fall for this reality show star, with so many failed businesses, with so many scandals around him. A true republican who already consumed a few wives. Indeed some conservative values worth to defend, huh? Who is going to believe that Mexico will pay for the wall? Nobody! C'mon guys! It is stupid, isn't it?

On the other side, we had a former First Lady and former Secretary of State knowing in and out the details of the politics cooked in Washington, knowing the Oval better than many others. She was the "ideal" candidate. She lied under oath, she deleted 30K e-mails, she received money from foreign dignitaries but who cares, she was "the candidate". She is artificial, but what should we expect, she is a politician, she should act as such, right?

And yesterday she had to call Donald and tell him, "Congratulations!". She lost one election already -against the outgoer president Obama, and now she lost again against an outsider, hated by the establishment and even by the Republican Party leaders. However, this guy was using his own money and the money of his wealthy and influential friends, managed to beat a whole country and political parties, just because he played his role of "Donald" in this electoral show which has kept America in suspense for so many months now. 

The mainstream media -including the "impartial" CNN, political commentators, the Internet and the whole world predicted the victory of Hillary and he managed to win this election. Why? Because he was real, with his flaws, having a really simplistic message reaching out to all kind of voters -even though he called the latino voters "bad hombres" who should be deported. And let's not talk about banning muslims from the country. With this message you can be a president in US, and he became the 45th president-elect. 

Apparently the pollsters lied, the mainstream media lied in order to influence the votes, and despite the scandals and all the machinations the population who was considered the stupid, the uneducated, the rednecks, -you name it (or "deplorable" as Secretary Clinton called them), showed that they had enough of lies from the establishment politicians -either republican or democrat and they want change. They want somebody who is close to them, who is really listening at what they have to say, and resonates with them and their problems. 

The lesson: the extreme liberalism failed, the promises are not sufficient anymore, racism is a major problem in US and nobody is willing to solve it, and politicians should listen to voters as the voters are who cast their ballots for them and not vice-versa.  Nothing was learnt from the Brexit, and now we have to cope with a weird character posing as the leader of the free world, and the United States of America is going on a road which has not been paved yet. Is there a way for return? Who knows?

Who is responsible? YOU, the so-called political elite who is not listening, who is attending expensive private schools and lost its touch with the reality, whose hunger of power is limitless and does not care about the simple citizen who is voting to elect you or not. Today they decided to punish YOU and they did. It is time to reconsider your position, otherwise they will overthrow you  again and again! You depend on them, do not forget!

P.S. It was so pathetic to see CNN big guns Wolf Blitzer and John King trying to hold the fort till the last minute when it was already obvious that Trump was the winner in many of those states. However, for money, I mean big money people do all sort of things. Same with Dana Bash who was not able to find her words as she prepared a totally different speech for that night.
CNN impartial? No way! It became the mouthpiece of democrats willing to do all kind of things just to influence and win the election.


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