The election of the clowns

November 8, 2016 is approaching fast, and like it or not a clown will move to the White House. No offense but that's the truth. On one side we have a former Secretary of State, who lied under oath, deleted 30K emails, accepted money trough her family foundation from foreign countries, and on the other side there is "wealthy" businessman who never had to work for money, who changed 2 wives, and consuming the third one, and apparently is not paying federal taxes from years.

You can see how former Secretary Clinton is playing the role of the cool person, the real democrat but the whole things is nothing but a charade, a mockery of the american people. She voted for war, now she is telling "war is wrong", she is payed by Wall Street in order to support bank and investment sector, and you can see how artificial are all her movements, speeches and she "dances" as her advisors are pulling the strings. 

Mr. Trump is not better either. He is in the headlines with his tweets, his videos involving racism (#badhombres), sexism (#nastywoman), sexual assaults coming from several ladies -though it is weird that they came forward only now!-, he is planning to build a wall,  and he is promising many other things, but no details are given. Empty words!

In the last few weeks, there was nothing about this country, how the economy should be driven, and how international policy should be addressed, but instead a lot of dirt surfaced, and the media (TV, radio, Internet) provided us all these "secrets" which proves that none of them should end up in the Commander in Chief position. 

Media. Complete disgust. You see each day the unprofessionalism which drives them, and they are far from being "independent". A small portion is payed by Republicans (see Fox News), while the majority is payed by the Democrats. CNN - I had huge respect toward this channel but it became yet another low-level "media hoax". No quality but just some cheap, disgusting Kardashian style show. The nation reached the bottom? [I expected more from you guys!]

Overall, I am disgusted about the whole process, and I am wondering how could the american society end up with these two candidates? [...]


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