The American presidential race is close to the finish, and many guys -media personalities, former politicians, athletes, etc. are endorsing one candidate or another. Ok. They can do that, and they are free to do that, but definitely it would never  influence my decision once I have to vote. No way! I do not give a rat ... on what some celebrity is saying. I have enough brain, so I can decide who should I be voting for.

Usually these endorsements are happening for a reason, and they really do not care about the regular voters as we are. They do it either because of their political convictions or just because they were promised something. Just as an example it is quite weird that Ben Carson and Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump after all those "comments" what Donald "served" them. Such an attitude from these guys is disgusting and definitely shows some kind of insincerity. Same thing happened with Bernie Sanders when he endorsed his fierce enemy Hillary Clinton. 


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