The unexplained

All over history the unexplained was part of humans' life. It was just there acting like a regulator for those things which were unknown to us at a time. Humanity evolved over the centuries and part of the unexplained became knowledge trough the laws of nature.  However, we do not want to accept some facts still, and invoke the unexplained as a lame excuse for our lack of knowledge and ignorance.

The terrorist attacks in Paris, ... are one of the most terrible things have had happened in Europe after the WWII and the war in the Balkans, however, we ignore other parts of the world where hundreds and thousands die on daily basis and nobody cares. We mobilize on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), we support our French counterparts, we mourn with Paris, and we raise our voice against terrorism and such cruel and barbaric terrorist attacks, but we assisted tacitly to the genocide committed on our southern borders by Milosevic. We did not raised a finger on the Rwanda genocide where Tutsi and moderate Hutus were massacred by a Hutu majority. Some of us might not even remember, but unfortunately it happened and it will haunt us for the rest of our days. [...] Let's not even mention the Armenian genocide where 1.5 million people perished "unnoticed".  Violence is part of the daily routine in Israel and the Gaza strip. Who cares? Nobody! "It is not happening in my backyard, therefore it is not my business!" - some would say.

We blame the refugees from Syria for being behind the recent attacks, but it seems the major part of the perpetrators were Belgian and French citizens born and raised in the hexagon.  Descending from immigrant families these youngsters apparently were attracted by radical islam and their "protest" ended up with 129 casualties and way more injured people. These guys at Bataclan, at Stade de France, and the different restaurants were innocent people, they caused no trouble to anybody! They should have not died! 

Rather than act bluntly and like a hothead, we should analyze the facts and hopefully realize that we can not kick the whole muslim community out of Europe, just because this is the "only solution". Not all muslims are terrorist! They also prefer peace and democracy, and we had already such a bad experience with the Nazi Germany in our backyard, and we all know how it ended up. [...]
Similar attitude is to be seen with the Hungarian PM, who has found a wonderful a propos to blame the refugees for all his political failures. It is also to be mentioned that those refugees are somehow the artifacts of the American, British, French, Canadian, etc. forces who "installed democracy" in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syrian without being asked to do so. They are directly or indirectly responsible for this. Far right ideology is not going to solve this problem. We should find the perpetrators and we should punish them exemplarily, but we have to rethink our attitude toward muslim countries and the atrocities we committed in the name of democracy and freedom.  Same with the crusades when we killed in the name of Lord. Our attitude helped these radical movements to grow and spread death and fear in the whole world. 

Instead of classifying this as another "unexplained" fact, we should rather find solutions to secure the European borders, secure the population, bring to justice those who committed this heinous crimes, and last but not least we should face our own attitude toward immigrants. Even though it looks like the EU is the perfect society, we should not forget the words of Chancellor Merkel who admitted that the "multikulti" has failed. We exploited these immigrants in France, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, etc. giving them those jobs where we Europeans were not interested anymore, we placed them in suburbs, in miserable conditions, offering them low wages, and no or  limited integration support which lead to produce several young generations lost in transition between the country of their parents and their new country who is treating them mostly as second class citizens.   

The answers and the solutions are there. We should stop pretending that is unexplained.     



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