Intolerance takes over

Facebook. A data highway where people are coming and going to read news, to take a peer at others and exchange ideas. On purpose I did not mentioned the pics, that's another story. Is it good, is it bad? Time is going to decide. Meanwhile, reading and analyzing the comments on some threads, I just realized how the society is less and less capable of tolerance. 

The Internet is free! It was built as such, being a tool facilitating communication between humans, but it seems some of its users are limited and rather narrow minded. At each corner you face intolerance and lack of respect toward others. Humanity was able to build great things, but when it comes down to simple things such as communication, we loose control, and we act like savages. Paradox. 

Paris attacks. One part of the Westerners blame the immigrants/refugees, without considering the facts.  They just ignore everything, and they spread hatred and violence against some poor people who have lost their homes, families, jobs, etc. They are different, they speak different, they have other beliefs than most of Europeans, but still, they are humans. And to be accurate they did not committed the attacks but rather French and Belgian nationals did those heinous crimes. These are facts, therefore it not open for a debate! "Punkt" - as the Germans would say.

Same with other things. It can be politics, economics, etc. I have my opinion, I am proud of it, and your opinion does not count. And if you have a different opinion than mine, I will engage in a violent dispute and I will use all my power to discredit you. I will use a whole arsenal of tricks to call you stupid, idiot, liar, stupid leftist, Nazi (mainly used in far right context) and whatnot, just to support my "great idea or my cause".  Being different, thinking different, speaking different does not mean it is less important and valuable! It is just simply something else!

First, I thought it is just a feature of the new democracies (Romania, Hungary, etc.), where people are still learning the taste of it, but unfortunately I had to realize such intolerance is to be encountered in well established societies as well, where democracy should be a commonplace by now. Yet another paradox.

Can we change it? "Yes, we can!" - I just borrowed the line from the President Obama's campaign, but we need more education, patience and last but not least time [...]


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