Today I was listening WAMU radio station and one news captured my attention. A shop owner in Washington D.C. was sued by the State because she refused to deliver flower arrangements to a gay marriage. She is being against same sex marriage due to her religious beliefs, refuses to deliver the flowers, while the couple should be treated fairly even though they are gay.

Everybody can have their own beliefs, and good or wrong, this is how it is our perception about life. Btw, right now you can realize here in US that even having a bunch of laws protecting minorities, black people, etc. will not stop people being racist. The law might sound nice and democratic but the cruel reality is completely different.  Just look around!

Who is right? The florist, the couple? The florist owns the shop and as such she can select with whom she is in business with as she owns the business. The couple, - a gay one, is asking for a service and paying a fair price as requested by the shop keeper.  Everybody is right and everybody should be treated equally. [...]

However, there is no such law which can restrict how to think and what to believe! Even in Orwell's book The Big Brother do not manage to control the thoughts. 

P.S. Yet another paradox in my short life on the land of choice, freedom and democracy!


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